Give Me Love

Emilegh Samuels is a normal teenage girl. Blonde hair,Green eyes,Passing grades,Popularity and a beautiful boyfriend.Perfect right? Maybe to you but to Emilegh its a living hell.Her boyfriend is abusive druggie and her parents hardly listen. But what if someone changed that.Made your life better? And he did.


12. Eleanor Calder.

Emilegh's POV

Niall kissed me?Not just a peck,A full out make out session!I fixed my lipstick and my shirt.

I walked down the stairs.Niall was sitting next to Zayn,When he looked up,He was blushing."You look beautiful,Emilegh." Liam said.Isaac came down the stairs avoiding me."Oh my gosh I'm such a horrible host! Would you guys like something to eat?!" I grabbed a banana."Oh Mrs. Samuels you don't have to.We'll be leaving soon anyway.Thank you so much for everything."Harry said.His charm with the ladies defiantly was impressive.

"Oh ok. Thank you for bringing my daughter back in one piece.She said with a smile.I sighed and threw my banana away."Lets go guys." I said.

We went to the car and I sat next to Niall and Liam.Louis was driving and Harry sat in the front."Your mother is a very nice women,Emilegh." Liam said."Thank you for bringing us to your home to meet your parents." Liam smiled."Um Thanks.I saw Harry was hitting it off with her quite well." Harry looked back."What do you mean by that?!" I smiled."You like the older women!" I giggled.Harry rolled his eyes."I said I was done with older women.So don't worry,I don't want your mom." "Yeah because she's already taken."  The boys laughed.

We dropped of the boys at the hotel.Niall looked at me when he went in.He winked. I'm with harry right?So I shouldn't respond,But I couldn't help but to smile.

We met up with Eleanor and went to the park.Louis and Harry brought a soccer ball along,Even though he isn't the best at it.Me and Eleanor sat on the bench watching." So your Emilegh correct?" I nodded."Yep that's me.And your the famous Eleanor Calder." She giggled."Yeah." "Louis was talking about you a lot at the hotel." She blushed."Oh Lou." She said with smile.

"So,how did you meet harry?"She said watching the boys."Eh well its kind of a long story." I said to afraid to say it."'I'm listening.'' She smiled and looked at me,She was actually listening."Recently,I was in a bad relationship." I pointed to my fading black eye.She raised my hand to her mouth."Oh my god why!?" I sighed."Well,I talked back to him in a way that I shouldn't have and he took me into a alley way and...Just..." I could feel the sadness hold back my words.I looked back up at Eleanor.Tears were dropping from red eyes."How long did this happen to you?" She said."Uh..we've been dating for 3 years so..3 years." She hiccuped and pulled me in for a hug."I'm so sorry!" Why is she sorry? It wasn't her fault,Its mine..

After Eleanor calmed down we all went out for pizza in my hometown."Its really loud here." Eleanor joked.I smiled."You get used to it." I smiled and bit into my pizza.Harry smiled at me."How long have you lived here?" I sighed."Well first we lived in Queens back when my dad didn't have a job and my mom was working at a nursing home.I moved here when I was about 10 and its very nice.Kind of loud but its nice.Sometimes I miss Queens.But here is a lot better."

They nodded.I knew none of them really understood considering they didn't live where I did."You do have that strong accident." Louis said.I laughed."Yeah I know. I'm the only one who really has it.My parents and my brother have nice little voices but obviously not me." Harry smiled."I like it.Its really cute." I blushed and rolled my eyes.

We left DaVinchi's and said goodbyes."Text me Emilegh! We need to hang out again soon!" I smiled.I was glad I made a actual friend."Ok see you soon!" She smiled and got in the car.Harry wanted to walk back to the hotel.It was about 7:00 and it was really dark.Harry held my hand the entire time and it was so perfect."Hey Harry!" I heard someone say."Harry!" We looked back and saw a group of paps following us."Hey Harry who's your bird?" One man said."Don't pay any attention to them." Harry whispered.

It would take forever to walk to the hotel with the paparazzi following.I pulled Harry to the road and raised my hand when I saw a cab."TAXI!" I shouted.He pulled over and we hopped in."Smile." A man said taking a picture of me.I guess our secret is out.

(IM SOO SORRY I HAVEN'T WRITTEN IN FOREVER! Im trying to make up grades and it takes up half of my time so im trying my best! Thank you and sorry if its bad.xx)





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