He Stole My Heart.

This is my first One Direction fanfic! I hope ya'll like it, and that I get facts right and everything. I am a fan, but not like one of the hugest super-fans who knows every little detail about the boys lives. Enjoy!!!
Alex is on her way to work one day when her car breaks down. She has no idea what to do, so while sitting on the hood of her car trying to get a hold of anyone who can come get her, a black car with tinted windows pulls up. She immediately thinks to run or fight off the person who is stepping out. But to her surprise, its not a total stranger....


3. The First Date

"I'm not dressed for dinner Niall. I don't have a nice outfit, I don't have any makeup on, I smell like LUNCH. MEAT. I can not go out to dinner with you like this." We were riding in the back of his car now, with the same driver too. He had convinced me to go with him, but I am trying to convince him to just pick up fast food.

"Where were going, you really don't need to be dressed up. And you look perfect anyway love." He is so sweet, but I smell like a deli. You can clearly smell it too. I sort of wished he would take me home first. Then we pulled into a parking lot, and this definitely was not a McDonald's. It was one of the fanciest hotels you could find in a small town in South Carolina. The Embassy Suites.
"You brought me to a fancy hotel, for dinner. You said I didn't need to be dressed up."
"We aren't eating in the hotel honey. Were eating in a hotel room. This is where the boys and I are staying while were in town for the concert. I hope your hungry, we ordered plenty of pizza."
"I do like pizza....."

His driver, whose name I finally learned was Joshua, opened my door. Niall met me in front of the car and we hurried inside, so no one would notice him. We took a private elevator up to the highest floor. The hotel was beautiful. Ponds, a pool, trees, even glass elevators. We then walked over to one of several open hotel room doors. When we went in, I saw all they boys, except Niall, crowded around a laptop. All of a sudden they roared with laughter. Harry fell on the floor, Louis and Liam were holding onto each other both trying not to fall, and Zayn had to set the laptop on the desk so it wouldn't fall on the floor.
"Whats so funny mates?" Niall ran over to the laptop and replayed the youtube video. Thats when the rest of the boys looked up and saw me standing awkwardly in the doorway. Harry was the last to look up.

"Who is this Niall? She's pretty, but did you invite her....?"
"Yeah. I helped her when her car broke down. I thought she was really pretty, nice, sweet, everything I would want in a girlfriend. Brought her back after her shift at work to have dinner with us." He is really sweet! But I still couldn't find my voice. Or my motor skills.
"Why don't you come sit down. We don't bite." Zayn said.

"Yeah. But we do seduce..." Harry being his obnoxious self.
"Harry shut it. Here Alex. I hope two slices is okay. And bacon..."

"I love bacon!! And two slices is perfect." I smiled at him, as I sat down on the couch.

Liam asked me the first question "What kind of car do you drive?"

"It's a 1994 blue triumph. I don't have all the right and/or working parts for it, so it doesn't stay running for long after I get it fixed."

"You can't take a bus, or a cab?" Harry managed through a huge bite of pizza.

"It's a small town in South Carolina. One high school, and one church. There is no public bus, or a taxi. There isn't even a shopping mall."
"How do people get around who don't have cars?"

"They gets rides with friends, or their parents are actually nice and drive them. But for the most part, a lot of us don't do much outside of school and our friends, whose houses we can walk to." We all finished our pizza in silence. They managed five pizzas by themselves, I ate only my two slices.

"Alex, how about we go on a walk."

"Okay. Thanks ya'll for having me over for dinner"

"It was cool to meet you!""See ya!""Have fun!"

"Thanks! See you later!" Niall and I walked around to the nearest stairwell, and had me follow him up to the roof. We walked over to the edge. He looked over at me and I smiled. We stayed quiet for a while, just looking out at the star covered sky. The full moon shined brightly along with them.
"Look! It's the big and little dipper!! I always know just where to look for them. My biological dad and I always used to go out, sit on the hood of his old jeep and just find patterns in the stars....."

"Thats really cool. In London, all we see are the lights of the city. We never really see the stars." Niall sighs. "So, can you tell me what happened to your dad? You don't have too. I understand if you don't." He was really so sweet. I think I was starting to fall for him now too.

"He passed away. Three years ago, in a fire. Someone left a fire burning out in the woods, not realizing that it was so dry and the brush would catch fire. Our house burned, and he died saving my mom, me and my dog. He got her out and then got me. When he realized our dog, Lucky, didn't follow us like he always does, he went back. He didn't come back." There was a tear falling out of my eye now. I swiped at it quickly, but more followed. Niall pulled me into his embrace while I added "I have had nightmares every night, every year, since that night. I see the flames burning again, and his telling me he was going to get Lucky. Then that he loved me no matter what happened. He kissed me and my mom before he went back. Then I hear screams. And I wake up." I was sobbing now. I could feel my tears soaking the shoulder of his shirt.

"I'm so sorry Alex. I had no idea."

"It's not your fault."I looked up into his eyes, and I knew for certain now that there was something between us. He leaned down, stopping just inches from my lips. We were both breathing deeply now. My tears were dry, and I felt my stomach flipping and my heart beat faster.

"I love you. I know it for sure now. Don't ever leave me, Alex" He breathed quietly. We were about to go in for our first kiss when my phone chimed a ringtone I had set to indicate a text from my mom.

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