He Stole My Heart.

This is my first One Direction fanfic! I hope ya'll like it, and that I get facts right and everything. I am a fan, but not like one of the hugest super-fans who knows every little detail about the boys lives. Enjoy!!!
Alex is on her way to work one day when her car breaks down. She has no idea what to do, so while sitting on the hood of her car trying to get a hold of anyone who can come get her, a black car with tinted windows pulls up. She immediately thinks to run or fight off the person who is stepping out. But to her surprise, its not a total stranger....


1. Stuck

Great. This old car is juts a piece of crap. Always breaking down. I step out of the drivers side and walk around to look under the hood of my my old baby blue 1989 Triumph. All I can see for a second is white smoke. When I take a closer look, I can see not only is my engine overheated, but the oil is leaking. "No way am I going to get this anywhere now".

I slam the hood down hard, and returned to my car. I grabbed my phone so I could call anyone to come get me. Deciding to sit out in the cool spring air, I climb onto the hood and begin dialing.

"Hello? Mom? My car broke down on my way to work. Can you come get me?...... Oh, yeah. I forgot you were on a date with Jack tonight. Yeah. I know you can't just leave. It's okay. I'll call Natalie. Bye." In all honesty, I have never liked Jack, my soon-to-be father in law. He dislikes all things teenage girl. Including my favorite boy band, One Direction. "Wouldn't it be nice to have them come pick me up right now... Hey! Natalie! I know you are already at work, but I broke down on my way there, so can you come get me? Okay I'll hold.... WHAT!?!?!? She wont let you leave. All right. I'll just sit here until the lunch rush is over. Just make sure Lucy knows my reason for not being there. Thanks."

So now I have 45 minutes or so to kill, on the side of the road. In the middle of nowhere. Great. Might as well call the two truck. Maybe I can get some reading done too. It will take the truck at least an hour to get here. So I sat. And sat. And sat. 30 minutes in and nothing exciting had happened. I couldn't read anymore and I started to doubt Natalie would ever be here to rescue me. "Maybe I will get eaten by a wolf. Or I could get so desperate that I turn into one of those secluded, weird tribal people who live in the wilderness and forget how to have any kind of human communication." Who was I kidding. That would be WAY to exciting.

I was so busy thinking about my million ways to die that I never noticed the big black SUV pull up behind me until the door slammed. Spinning around I saw the tinted windows. My body tensed. I jumped down and got ready to either run or fight. I had no idea who I was squaring off with, until he finally moved out of the sun's glare. Boy, was I in for a nice surprise.

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