He Stole My Heart.

This is my first One Direction fanfic! I hope ya'll like it, and that I get facts right and everything. I am a fan, but not like one of the hugest super-fans who knows every little detail about the boys lives. Enjoy!!!
Alex is on her way to work one day when her car breaks down. She has no idea what to do, so while sitting on the hood of her car trying to get a hold of anyone who can come get her, a black car with tinted windows pulls up. She immediately thinks to run or fight off the person who is stepping out. But to her surprise, its not a total stranger....


6. Leaving

"Most of it."he sighed "You don't need to be around him. It isn't healthy. I'm going to come get you."

"No! There is no way I can go back down there and sneak out. He would've locked the doors early tonight."

"Do you not have a window?" That was actually a really good idea. Why didn't I think of that?

"Ten minutes?"

"I'm already in the car"

"See you soon" He hung up, and I pulled open my suitcase. I put in enough clothes and other supplies for a few days. By then, Niall and the band would have to leave. The concert was on Saturday. Tomorrow they would have the day off, like Niall had said, and Sunday they would be packing up and getting on a plane back to London. This was their last tour stop. I couldn't believe that this morning I had wished for a reason to see him sooner. I threw my suitcase and purse onto the flat rooftop outside my window. Once I stepped into the cool air, I pulled my purse over my neck so that it hung on my other shoulder and down at my hip, because it was a messenger bag style. I tossed my suitcase silently onto the bushes below. Lets hope the neighbors are not outside tonight. I started scaling down the side of my house, which had vines. My phone chimed quietly right after I jumped down the small remaining distance. 'I'm at the street corner. I'll take you back to the hotel, and we'll work this out tomorrow morning.'

I ran to the end of the street not being able to get there fast enough for my liking. I never wanted to go back, and face that man again, but I would have. I needed all my legal papers and all my clothes. Maybe I could move in with Natalie, or we could be house mates and get an apartment.

"Hello love. Are you okay?" I couldn't answer for a minute. I climbed in the passenger seat of the now familiar SUV. I took a few deep breaths, as Niall waited patiently for my response.

"Yes. I just need to get away from her. Right now" He didn't need any explication. He hit the gas, and we made it to the hotel in five minutes flat.

It was 11 now. My mom would check on my by 11:30. She would see I wasn't there and probably call or text me until I told her where I was. But I wouldn't. So she would call the police.

We were on their floor now, although the walk up here seemed to be a blur. Niall unlocked a door that was just before the one we had been in just 2 days before. He put my stuff on the chair in the corner, then turned and walked back to me. He wrapped his arms around my shoudlers, and I wrapped mine around his waist.. We stood there for a while. I'm not sure quiet how long. When I stopped sobbing he finally said something.

"I love you so much. I know that now. It kills me to see you so hurt. I want to take that hurt away. But I don't know how"

"Don't worry about it. It isn't your fault. I probably shouldn't have come here though. My mom will kill me when she finds out I'm gone." Just then my phone buzzed in my pocket. It was my mom. She was freaking out over how I wasn't in my room and the window was open. She said Jack thought I had been kidnapped. She said if I didn't respond within the hour she would call the police. Niall read over my shoulder.

"We should probably call her. Tell her everything."

"Not everything. I will tell her I left. But I won't tell her where I went. She can't track my phone either." I texted back my response that I was safe, and I would be home in a few days to get my stuff. I also told her I would come when jack was not home. Sure enough, she wasn't satisfied with my response. Niall stood behind me, holding my waist now, while I tried to reason with her.

She tried to play it off as Jack being drunk. That he didn't know what her was saying. I knew he hadn't had a drink all night, he didn't smell of alcohol when he was yelling at me. I finally just ended up turning off the thing and setting it down on the dresser. I didn't even want to know how many messages I was getting right now.

I sat on the bed, then turned and curled into a little ball. When I started sobbing again, Niall curled up next to be. He rubbed my back, and was just there for me. He knew I didn't need anyone to talk to right then. He knew I didn't-couldn't-hear the words 'It'll all be okay tomorrow'. I fell asleep then. The whole day had taken everything out of me. Every hour felt like a whole different day. As I drifted in a dreamless state, I realized I had no plan, and I had no idea what was going to come next. I didn't even know where I was going to stay.

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