Real Life

real life, real friend, just plane ... or is it


2. Gym Locker Blues


    Sam and I hung out at her house for the rest of the summer then school started. I didn't have any classes with Sam or Sara. I was really sad, cause I didn't really have any close friends in any of my classes except for band. I had Sara's friend Lilly in my classes but I didn't really like her. The  I realized she was in ALL of  my classes, so all I could think was great. Sara used to be really good friends with her but then they kinda drifted apart. So the begging of the school year wasn't the greatest. If that wasn't enough Sara said to me one day that she licked someone. So, as I would, I nagged her until she tolled me. She said she liked someone on our street and I realized she meant Mike. I was sort of laughed at her. Well, I did laugh but we laugh at everything we do so it wasn't a big deal. So I tried to get it out of him of who he liked. Then Sara, Sam, Mike, Lilly, and I all sat at the same lunch table. It was ok we all got along, so we sat together because you can't move during the school year. Even though I didn't really like Lilly but I was still nice to her. We tried to not have her sit at our lunch table but we didn't want to be mean so we let her sit with us. Everything was going pretty good until Mike and Sara dragged me down. Sara did NOT like Sam and Mike didn't like her either. I still however liked her very much as a friend. What really ticked me off was when we would walk to school and Sam wasn't there Sara and Mike (together) would say little smart comments about Sam. I HATED this! I would always here this all the time. I'm a pretty mellow person and it takes a lot to get me mad and go off but they succeded it. This went on for about 2 months before I finally stopped it. We were walkinh home from school and they were saying something so I yelled at them and said hey stop it! If it was your friend I would be a lot nicer. So then they stopped (as of my knowledge) Also What I found out was that Sara was acting different around Mike. She was acting meaner.

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