Real Life

real life, real friend, just plane ... or is it


1. Summer Burgers

     It was just a regular summer day. My old best friend just moved to New Orlines, we used to hang out a lot but then I didn't really like her after about 7th grade. When ever she and I would be by some "popular" people she would always act different. She never used to cuse but when she was around them she would and she would just brush me off. So then she moved but after awhile I got lonley and wished she was back. I had other friends too, and one afternoon in the middle of summer my friends came and got me and we all road bikes. We noticed that someone had moved in so we road bikes up and down the street deciding weither or not to go meet the new person. So I finally said we should so I went up to the house and knocked on the door. This girl opened the door and I invited her to ride bikes with us and she said yes. When we got done ridding bikes we all went over to my house and swam. It wasn't really the best idea because my pool wasn't clean then and it was really green but we all wanted to go swimming. So we did. It was really cold and green so we got out after about an half an hour. Then after we got done swimming we went over to her house. We had pickles and chips. Then after that we played hide and go seek. So from there on we were pretty good friends, but my best friend ever and her did not get along. My friend did not like her and after awhile so did my other friends. They would always say something about her that made me mad so one day I just snapped at them. They made me so mad and it felt like my new friend was more of a friend than my other old friends. They even tried to convince me not to be her friend. Then I got my best friend to like her, or so I thought. I was always at me new friends house all the time. Then my best friend was hanging out with us. We were having fun together. For the rest of the summer we had so much fun. I spent a lot of time at Sam's house, I ate there a lot and I was practically there for the rest of the summer. What I figured out about Sam was she is not a wall flower. She is a wild child, likes to have fun, and often gets into mishab. She's also not afriad to speak her mind witch is ok cause I don't like fake people.


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