Taking Chances

When Hailey is offered the chance of a lifetime, what will happen when she takes a chance with Louis Tomlinson?


1. The E-mail


"UGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" I scream as i read yet another e-mail stating ive been declined yet again. 

"Still no record deal?" My best friend Taylor asks me. Me, Taylor, and Dylan all grew up together in America but after high school we all bought a flat together in Doncaster, England. "Yup." I respond. 

"Dont worry you'll get a deal one day. Anyone who declines you is obviously deaf." 'Yeah well then 15 of those people are deaf." I say sarcastically. "One new e-mail." My computer says happily. I run over to the couch and put my head in a pillow. "I dont wanna look at another rejection!" I say depressed I cant get a job. 

"Hey umm buddy you might wanna look at this one." Taylor says using the nickname she gave my in thrid grade. "Why the only one left was from Simon Cowell and thats the one I wanted most." "Well what if Simon personally e-mailed you asking if you wanted to be an opening act on One Directions tour? And he asked for your phone number to talk to you in person." "WHAT!!!!!!!" I say shooting straight up off the couch and run over to my computer jumping up and down happily when i read the message for my self. "Im sending him my number." I say excitedly. Less then a minute after i send the e-mail my phone starts buzzing. "Hello?" I say picking up the phone. "Hi is this Hailey?" "Yes." 

"Great! This is Simons assistant! Simon asked me to call and see if you could come to the studio today and speak to him and the boys from One Direction about opening on tour?" She asks me and i immediately respond. "Ya im around today. When do you want me to be there?" "In an hour." "OK ill be there!" I say and hang up. 

I scream at the top of my lungs and so does Taylor. A minute later Dylan walks downstairs clearly annoyed. "What is with all the screaming?" He asks groggily. "Well I might be going on tour with One Direction!!!" I say. "Well could you scream later in the day?" "Umm Dyl its 2:30." Taylor says while trying to hide her laugh. 

"Yeah Dyl maybe if you dont go out every night to get drunk then you wouldnt be so nocturnal." I say matter-of-factually. He looks at me and just rolls his eyes. "Well I gotta go get ready to meet the guys!" I say while running up the stairs to curl my hair.  

http://www.polyvore.com/hailey_meeting_guys/set?id=67719286  <--- Haileys outfit

-------------- At the studio 

"hi I have an appointment with Simon." I say to the receptionist. "Right this way." She sais as she leads me down a long hallway until we get to an office with closed glass doors. She opens the doors and ushers me in. I walk into the large office and see my five idols sitting on a white couch fooling around. "Guys look." One of them whispers so quietly I cant tell who said it. "Hailey its great to finnaly meet you!" Simon says getting up to shake my hand. "Thank you but the pleasure is all mine." I say responding whle trying to hold in my excitement. 

 "So the plan is i want the guys to hear you sing in front of them then we can decide if you are going on tour or not." "Sounds great!" I say as he points to a smallish recording booth. "So what are you going to sing for us?" Harry asks me. "A song." I say trying not to scream of happiness. I walk into the booth and start singing We Are Young and watch as all six of the boys in the rooms mouths drop in amazement at my voice.


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