Taking Chances

When Hailey is offered the chance of a lifetime, what will happen when she takes a chance with Louis Tomlinson?


2. Freaking Out


“You’re hired!” Louis shouts as soon as I walk out of the booth. “Hold up Louis, we need to talk about this as a band.” Harry says rationally. “Well there will be no Louis the Tommo Tomlinson in this band if she can’t open for us on tour.” Louis says with sass in each and every word.  “I was kidding Lou.” Harry says smiling. “Meet us here tomorrow at the same time for rehearsals. Tour starts in three months.” Liam says while checking me out trying not to be conspicuous but failing epically. “She’s really fit.” Niall says in Zayns ear and he nods smirking.  “Well before you guys work together you should probably get to know each other a little.” Simon says thoughtfully. “I’m not doing anything after this, you guys want to come back to my flat and hang out? The paps don’t hang around my place so it might be better than your guy’s flats. “I say hopeful they say yes. Liam responds after a moment. “Sure, we can follow you back to your place.” He says and the other four just nod in agreement. We walk outside after I give the guys my number and tell them to just follow me.

We get to my flat and I’m putting my keys in the door when I remember one small detail. “I forgot to mention I have two roommates, well my best friends and one is a hardcore directioner the other is probably still hung over and couldn’t care less about you guys.” I didn’t expect they would burst through the door and scream “WE ARE HOME!!! WHERE IS OUR FOOD!!” I walk in behind them only to be met with the screams of Taylor. I run over and cover her mouth. “I warned you. Guys this is Taylor, my totally calm best friend, right?” I ask before I let my hand off of her face. She nods and as soon as her mouth is free she word vomits all over the guys. “OMG YOUR ONEDIRECTION I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOOO MUCH IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY!! CAN YOU SIGN MY BOOB? WITH LIKE TATTOO INK SO ITLL STAY FOREVER! DYLAN IS BEING SOO RUDE WE HAVE COMPANY! DYLAN GET YOUR FAT LAZY ASS DOWN HERE BEFORE I COME GET YOU MYSELF!” She says without taking a breath. A minute later Dylan walks down the stairs clearly annoyed. “WHAT? WHAT IS SO IMPORTANT YOU HAD TO WAKE ME UP AT THREE O’CLOCK IN THE AFTERNOON ON A SATURDAY?” He yells back at her without noticing the five boys just invading our fridge like animals. “ENOUGH! Guys these are the boys from One Direction, aka my new co-workers.” I say introducing them to my friends and hoping they will start to act normal for my sake. “You got the job?! Congratulations!” Taylor and Dylan say at the same time. “Thanks but don’t sound so surprised.” I say acting offended.

“So what do you guys wanna do?” I ask the guys hoping they have an idea. ”Well Simon wants us to get to know each other so why don’t we play 20 questions?” Liam says. “Sure I say leading them to our living room and they all sit down, Louis next to me. We play 20 questions and every time I learn something new about Louis I start getting stronger feelings for him. I excuse myself from the game and walk down the hall to the bathroom. After I walk out I’m pushed against the wall by strong arms. “You are amazing.” Louis says so close to me I feel his hot breath on my face. “Are you gonna kiss me or not?” I say looking straight into his eyes. He leans in and presses his lips to mine and I feel fireworks exploding. He pulls away and just stares at me. “I swear to god that was the best kiss I’ve ever had.” He says breathless. “Me to.” I say mesmerized by his perfect eyes. “Do you wanna go out sometime? Like soon? Tomorrow after rehearsal we could get coffee or somet-“I shut him up by kissing him one more time. “I’d love to go out with you tomorrow for coffee Louis.” I say. “I take back what I said before, that kiss was the best kiss I’ve ever had.” He says and I laugh. “We should get back they might get the wrong idea.” I say nodding my head toward the living room.

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