Crushing Hard

Cassandra Marcus is 13 years old and just moved from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to small town Liberty, South Carolina. Dealing with the move is already hard to deal with but she also faces the fact of being the new kid in a small town. And let's not forget Cassandra totally crushing on one of the popular kids. At the moment, Cassandra's life is kinda over.

Let's hope she can finish eigth grade year without dying first.


2. Chapter 1.

His name was Luke.  And it started on a Tuesday. I can't remember the time or possibly even the date, but I can remember the color of his eyes and that tiny birthmark placed on the back of his neck peeking out from underneath his shirt.  I remember his blonde hair mussed up frantically as if he jad just woken up (though it still looked good) and how he laughed at the simplest of things.  But out of all the memories I have of him, I can't remeber him telling me he loved me.  Maybe it's because he never did. Or maybe it'a because he never go the chance too, but Whatever the reason, Luke Williams broke my heart and this is my story.




I tuck my Brunnete curls behind my left ear and slowly bit my lip as I walked into my homeroom.  I powerwalked over to an empty desk  and dropped my book bag onto the ground and sat down.  I kept my head down low and tried to avoid any eye contact as I dug into my book bag for my book, 'Romeo and Juliet.'  When I finally grasp the material of my book, I settled myself into the hardness of the desk chair.  As I opened my book, I couldn't help but wonder why the school bought such hard desk. 'Maybe it's so you won't be able to fall asleep' I snort at myself and realize That I am such a losser that I resulted to talking to myself now.I groan at my awkwardness and think 'Okay I really need some friends.'  I sigh quietly and begin reading, not even noticing a pair of blue eyes starring at me.

After five minutes of trying to read, I realise it's hopeless. I sigh as I nervously run my fingers through my hair and close my eyes.  My mind soon begins to drift off and I find myself thinking about My Mom and Dad. This summer my dad decided to runaway with a model to California and leave my mom with two kids.  It took my mom a while to comprehend my dad was really gone, and when she did she packed my brother and I up and moved us to Liberty, South Carolina.

It's been awhile since we heard from my dad, though.

The bell rings, making me loose my train of thought.  I rub my eyes before stuffing my book in my bag. But as I look up from my bookbag, I see a figure standing in front of me. I stare at him and look at his appearence and notice that he was kinda handsome. I hear him chuckle at my starring and I manage a blush to spread across my cheeks. 

'Pretty boy', which is what i resoulted to calling him in my head, smiled at me before saying "Hey I'm Luke. Aren't you new here or something?"

I gulp nervously before straightening myself out and saying, "Yeah, just moved here."

"What brings you to South Carolina?" he questions. I notice he has blue eyes, and I find myself thinking 'Blue is my favorite color.'

"Um, Family issues." I mumble before turning my gaze away from him and finding a fasination with my fingernails.

"Ahh, Sucks." He mutters before scratching the back of his neck.

"Anyway, I was wondering If I could borrow a pencil?" I nod quickly before digging in my backpack for a pencil. Once I find one, I smile triumphly and hand him one.

"Thanks, newbie." He smiles quickly and I take notice that he has a nice smile and I wish I could smile like that. I haven't smiled alot since my dad left.

Luke then walks away and sit next to his group of friends. I sigh befor turning to the teacher who just walked into the class room, yelling something about Math, Teaching, and Lockers.

I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turn to see a girl with blonde hair sitting behind me, "t's from Luke." she mumbles before handing me a note.

I look over at Luke who is motioning for me to read it. I raise my eyebrow expecting it to explode and kill us all, but Luke doesn't look like the type to blow things up.

I unfold the neatly folded notebook paper and in Luke's Chicken scratch called handwriting I make out the words, 'You never gave me a name, newbie.' A small smile forms on my pale face and quickly scribble down 'You never asked.' I hand it to the girl behind me and turn my attention back to the teacher.  A minute and 57 seconds later (no I was not counting) I feel a tap and I turn to blondie, she gives me the note and huffs in my direction. I gulp nervously, wondering if she could eat me.

'I like a girl Sassy. Fine then. First letter.' I scrunch up my nose, wondering If I was really sassy.

I quickly write 'C.' before handing the note to the girl.  She glares at me and I flinch, thinking 'Yes she could eat you Thankgod you don't taste good.' before turning back to the teacher.  I sneak a quick look at Luke and I notice him grinning at a piece of paper, but before I can look away, Luke lifts his head up and looks at me. I see him mouth the words 'Catherine' and I shake my head no.

It goes like that for the rest of the period, Luke mouthing names that begin with 'C' and me answering.

When the bell rings, I rush out of the class and scurry to my locker and open it to dump my Alegebra textbook inside. I quickly grab my science and History textbooks. I feel a presence beside me and I turn to my left and see Luke leaning up against the locker next to me.  "Okay, Newbie, what is it?" Luke grumbles to me, while crossing his muscular arms across his chest.

I close my locker door and turn around in the opposite direction and start walking to my class, but not before I mumble quickly when I pass Luke, "It's Cassandra. Cassandra Marcus."

On my way to my class, I couldn't help but realise how freaking cliche my life is.









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