Crushing Hard

Cassandra Marcus is 13 years old and just moved from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to small town Liberty, South Carolina. Dealing with the move is already hard to deal with but she also faces the fact of being the new kid in a small town. And let's not forget Cassandra totally crushing on one of the popular kids. At the moment, Cassandra's life is kinda over.

Let's hope she can finish eigth grade year without dying first.


1. Prolouge

         You know how it goes right? The girl gets the boy and they fall madly inlove and skip off into the sunset together. Blah! Blah! Blah! Well sorry to dissapoint you ladies (and gentlemen, if your into this stuff) but that is not how how story goes.  Our story begins with the suckiness of unrequieted love. But let me dumb it down for you, this story is about a girl who liked this boy that she thought liked her back.  She was wrong.  This story is about a girl who was so caught up with one boy tgat she didn;t realize who her real friends were.  This story is about a girl crushing hard.

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