Mendacii Key

When Teneta uncover Samuel Watford’s lost will, they discover that he never destroyed the Mendacii Key, the key to bring them down: he has hidden it, passed it on to the one person who can finish his work. Now Teneta have a plan, a plan to bring down the Mendacii key and Watford’s daughter, Aliona. Aliona must race against time and fate, to discover the power of the Mendacii Key and fight against the biggest force on the planet. She is given a choice to run, fight, or die. Surrounded by betrayal and lies, there is no room for her to make the wrong decision.


4. Note from me!

Hi guys,

As you may have seen, 'Mendacii Key' has been shortlisted for the Sony Young Movellist of the Year Award! This is truly amazing and I feel so humbled by the other incredible entries, shortlisted or not. To everyone who entered: a HUGE well done!

There are a few people on here I'd love to thank, who really gave me the courage it took to enter this competition, and without whom this novel would still be shriveling away in my drawer!

Firstly, and most importantly, to Jordan, Yvonne and all the other staff at Movellas and Random House for simply creating this fantastic competition. You guys really have given us a voice!

Alix, my never ending angel in every sense! How could I do any of this without you? I know you're away at the moment doing exams (and doing incredibly I'm sure!) so I hope you'll get a chance perhaps over the half term break to pop in and chat, I miss you already! Your incessant amounts of encouragement, advice and enthusiasm have really driven me further in doing what I love. Inspiration doesn't come from published authors, teachers or wise men, it comes from you.

Writerman and bobsicle for being great friends and always on hand to help, you guys are the best!

Also to moomin98 for such amazing comradeship. It felt like I had a buddy all the way through the stress before the competition deadline, and I've never been so impressed by such a talented young writer.

Also, I'd like to acknowledge Maria Louise J. for her FANTASTIC cover!

Thanks everyone, you seriously are the best, and I couldn't find a better family anywhere else.

P.S. Congratulations to the other shortlisted authors!!


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