Chasing the Wind

Tori was a normal girl till she had a near death experience and saw her life flash before her eyes. So she decides to run away and have an adventure, but while on her adventure she hits her head and loses her memory. Only to wake up the next morning to be surrounded by five hot guys. Does she regain her memory or not? Will she fall in love? Find out in Chasing the Wind.


3. The Incident

As soon as I got off the plane I knew this was the place for me. I love the way it looked the cool breeze blowing my hair in all directions. All I needed was a house and a job to get my life on track. When I went to buy a house only one appealed to me, it was a cute little brick house in a cute neighborhood. Jobs well that was a tough one I wanted a job I would enjoy and have fun doing. I was almost all out of luck until I saw a sign in a window saying DJ Wanted I've always wanted to be a DJ so I took it. The job was at a bar not a hardcore bar but just a place to hangout and dance.

Once I was on my feet, making money and, settling into my home I made new friends we would hangout and of course talk about 1D. I don't know what it was about them that made them so special and I still didn't care for them. When they would talk I would put my headphones in and block them out. But at least they didn't hate me for hating them. I had gotten a new phone because I didn't want my parents or old friends trying to contact me. Last I heard they are still looking for me, but I didn't care right now I was living the dream.

Well it was just another day at my DJ job by the time I left it was dark. I was tired and wanted to go home and sleep I had must have been really tired because somewhere along my way I had taken a wrong turn and was now lost. While I was looking for my way home I felt someones hand go over my mouth and once again a dagger was held up to my neck. I was just about to elbow him when someone shouts "hey let go of her" and before I knew it the stranger hit my attacker. And before I knew it my attacker threw me and I hit my head on a wall and blacked out.

Louis's Pro

I had gotten into a fight with the boys, so I decided to take a walk. It was cold outside tonight and the street lights were dim. I had been walking for about an hour when I decided to go home. I was walking back when I saw a girl and then this man grabs her a puts a knife to her neck. I started running over and shouted "hey let go of her" and when I reached them I punched him right in the jaw. With one hit he was unconscious but so was the girl. So I picked her up and took her back to my place to let her rest until she woke up.

Niall's Pro

I was really upset from that fight the boys and I had and was worried about Louis since he took off over an hour ago. I was about to go to bed when then door opened and in walked Louis carrying the prettiest girl in the world. Her long light brown hair cascading over her shoulders her flawless skin and facial structures. He placed her on the couch and called the boys down. When they came down he said "okay boys I just saved this girls life and she hit her head and is now unconscious so she is going to stay here until she wakes up" wow this girl will be staying here. Too bad shes not awake but even if she isn't shes still beautiful.

Tori's Pro

When I woke up I was in an unknown place all a sudden 5 ridiculously hot boys walked down. I wonder who they are WAIT WHO AM I I don't remember anything. They came down and started staring at me until the one with a shaved head spoke up "good morning I hope your feeling better you can stay for breakfast if you like or go home if your feeling uncomfortable" he said with a smile "oh okay but the funny thing is I don't know where my home is or who I am actually" all of them had a worried expressions plastered on their faces "well I guess you'll be staying here until you regain your memory" the curly haired one said. Well this will be fun I thought (sarcastically.)


(Hey people I hope you enjoy this chapter it took a while to write so have fun reading and I'll post another chapter tomorrow so goodnight all you beautiful people in the world)

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