Chasing the Wind

Tori was a normal girl till she had a near death experience and saw her life flash before her eyes. So she decides to run away and have an adventure, but while on her adventure she hits her head and loses her memory. Only to wake up the next morning to be surrounded by five hot guys. Does she regain her memory or not? Will she fall in love? Find out in Chasing the Wind.


4. My Temporary Name

I woke up that morning with five boys hovering over me then last night all came back to me. I can't believe that happened what will I do now. Well I might as well get to know these boys since I'm going to be here until I regain my memory which might take awhile. "Hello love how are you feeling" Curly asked me "well other than the fact that I lost my memory and I have a terrible headache right now I'm just peachy" I said with as much sarcasm as possible. "Alright we understand that you are frustrated and confused but don't take it out on us" Buzz-cut said. I guess he was right I should get to know them before I go and judge them. "Alright I'm sorry I would introduce myself but I don't know my own name so why don't you start" I said trying to bring up a conversation. " Okay love I'm Liam" Buzz-cut said. "I'm Niall" the one with blond hair and ocean blue eyes said. "I'm Harry" said the really curly haired one with emerald green eyes. "I'm Louis and you and I are going to be best friends" this one I like he has one of those fun personalities it seemed like and he was extremely good looking. His light brown hair was messy since he just woke up and his blue eyes not as blue as Niall's but a baby blue were shining. I smiled at him then turned to the last one to hear his name. "Hello love I'm Zayn" he seemed nice his hair was in a quiff and already fixed perfectly like it was the first thing he did this morning. He must be one of those people who care for their hair a lot and spend most of their time looking in a mirror. "Well I guess since I don't know my name you guys can choose a nickname to call me" as soon as I said that they got smiles on their faces got up and went into a group huddle and started whispering to each other. Oh boy this can't be I hope its not some ridiculous little nickname because they going to have to say it in public.


Once they were done discussing they got up looked at me with smiles on their faces and said "We are going to call you Myst" what did I just here them right "WHY" is all I said. "Because it stands for mysterious and you are mysterious" Niall said full of confidence "I'm not mysterious" I said. "Oh really well we don't know anything about you, you don't know anything about your self so you are a mystery." Oh well he had a point there I am a mystery "well I guess I'll deal with the nickname for now."

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