Chasing the Wind

Tori was a normal girl till she had a near death experience and saw her life flash before her eyes. So she decides to run away and have an adventure, but while on her adventure she hits her head and loses her memory. Only to wake up the next morning to be surrounded by five hot guys. Does she regain her memory or not? Will she fall in love? Find out in Chasing the Wind.


1. Mugged

 Hi my name is Tori Wilde I'm a normal 17 year old girl except I've always wanted to do something more with my life and this is how I did. It was a cold night I had just left a friends house when I heard the sounds of heavy footsteps. I was walking faster now when someone grabs me and puts a dagger to my neck. And said "don't move and give me your purse" his voice was deep and thick. You would expect me to hand it over to avoid dying, but sadly that's not who I am yep I'm a black belt in karate. So I elbowed him in the gut and kicked him right where the sun don't shine he fell over in pain and I ran away not stopping till I got to my house.

I started thinking boy am I glad I took karate ya your probably thinking why are in karate its for kids and who uses the moves you learn. But your right I mean if you get in a fight with a girl whats the first thing you do 'pull her hair' yep they don't teach you that in karate class right. So before you ask I'll have to warn you I'm a bit childish and could care less about boys especially the famous boy band One Direction. Even though all my friends hate me for saying that. Also I'm not afraid to speak my mind anyways on with the story. Boy did that scare me but right now I'm way to tired to think so I brushed my teeth got into pajamas told my parents goodnight and went to bed.

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