Chasing the Wind

Tori was a normal girl till she had a near death experience and saw her life flash before her eyes. So she decides to run away and have an adventure, but while on her adventure she hits her head and loses her memory. Only to wake up the next morning to be surrounded by five hot guys. Does she regain her memory or not? Will she fall in love? Find out in Chasing the Wind.


2. Destination London

My alarm clock woke me up at seven' O clock so I got dressed and left for school. When I got there my best friend Monica was there waiting for me. I swear she maybe the biggest 1D fan ever for I don't care at all for them. "Morning Monica" I said as I approached her "good morning my wonderful best friend who hates 1D" she said "oh come on you know I hate them because there rich and snotty people who think they can get any girl they want" I said and with that we went to class.

All day I kept thinking about the mugger from last night I mean I could have died and what have I done with my life absolutely nothing. So that's it I'm going to do something with my life starting today. When I got home my parents were drunk and fighting like usual so I went up to my room grabbed my suitcase and started packing. I had worked as a waiter at a coffee shop and had saved up enough money for a plane ticket. Once I was done packing I had left a note saying that I will miss them and its not you its me and whatever. When I got to the airport I had paid for a ticket to a place farthest from here and that's London. Here I come London I hope you have what I'm looking for and that's adventure.

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