A Leap of Faith

Being famous isn't all that... Thats what celebrity Ann-Marie Mendez thought. Her songs made her the best singer/songwriter. Ann- Marie doesn't want anyone finding out about her past, until she meets Niall Horan. He seems too perfect. One night when they were paired up to sing together...she is tempted to tell him everything...even her real name. Will Ann-Marie learn not to be afraid to fall in love...


1. The Ellen Show

Ann-Marie P.O.V.

           "So how are you now a days?" Ellen Degeneres asked me. "I'm super!"I replied sweetly. Everything was really super actually. I don't think my life could get any better. As long as I was away from him, I would be fine. "So this is your first time on the show,"Ellen said, her voice pulling me from my thoughts."You are correct Mrs. Denegeres,"I said trying to act casual. I was so nervous about this interview. It was probably my biggest one yet. Why couldn't Alexis and Jamie be here to give me support. I had Marie, Puja, Mikkel, and Nikole backstage, but I wish Alexis and Jamie could be right here next to me in this really comfy chair. 

            "The audience and I would like you to answer some of these questions, so they can get to know better. Are you up to that?" Ellen asked. "Yeppers!!!!!" I exclaimed. She smiled,"Ok, first question..."

            "Why do you have colorful braces and not clear ones?" Ellen repeated from the screen behind us. I answered," I have colorful ones because I got my braces put on before I was famous and I didn't want clear ones. Also why have clear ones when you can have pink or purple ones."

            "Next question. Who was the first celebrity to follow you on Twiiter?" Ellen asked." Jade Thirlwall from the girl band Little Mix was the first celebrity to follow me and I wasn't even famous yet." I said

             "You are recording songs with singer/songwriters Alexis Christine and Jamie Ann. Do you guys get along?" Ellen asked. "Of course we get along, we're best friends." I answered truthfully.

 Niall's P.O.V.

            I couldn't stop staring at the TV. Ann- Marie Mendez was one of the most beautiful girls in the world. With her long dark brown hair and eyes so dark they're almost black. She was an amazing singer. And she seemed so loving of others. I know everything about her. Ann-Marie calls her fans Little Incas. I have no idea where she came up with that, but I think its adorable. The only thing about her is, that no one can find out when her birthday is.

            As I was pondering Ann- Marie, Louis walked in with a bag of carrots. Ever since he said, "I like girls who eat carrots," he has been eating them non-stop. He walked over to the couch and sat down. "Are you still obsessing over this Mendez chick?" he asked. "Yes," I answered him. I could see him rolling his eyes at me from the corner of my eye. He wasn't an Inca like me. In fact I'm not sure if he even knows her first name.

            " I don't understand why you like her this much Niall? She could hate us." Louis said. "You don't know that! She could have been one of those girls who tweeted us everyday, just so we could follow back when she wasn't famous." I yelled. Louis looked hurt. I didn't mean to hurt his feelings. "Calm down man. I'm just making sure that you're not making a pretend relationship with a girl you've never met." Louis said. "Yeah... I'm sorry."I answered. 

            "Last question Ann- Marie." Ellen said. I snapped my head back to the TV screen. Ellen stated, " Are you a directioner or a directionator." This was the moment of truth. Was she a directioner or a directionator. Ann-Marie turned really red and she put on the biggest smile I have ever seen and started laughing. "I am a huge directioner!" she said laughing," I love them so much. They're one of my biggest inspirations. I'm hoping one day I'll get to meet them, but I don't know when that's going to happen." I was so happy.... I was just bursting with emotion. I started jumping around and laughing my ass off.

            Ann- Marie Mendez was actually a directioner! And she's said that we were one of her inspirations. I couldn't believe it. She was unsure when she was going to meet us. But I'll make sure that she meets us. I Niall Horan of One Direction vow that I will make Ann-Marie Mendez's dream come true, by meeting her and telling her what she means to me.

            She'll probably think I'm crazy, but I'll do anything for the love of my life. Whoa! Did I just say I love her. That's crazy, how can you be in love with someone you haven't met. I don't know, but I think I'm in love...












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