May and Harry have been dating for 2 years.

They were inseparable, nothing could every come between them.

But what happens when Harry and the band have an upcoming tour?

When May can't come?

What happens when they're separated?

Read 'Stay' to find out


9. "Stay Away From Him" *Short Chapter*

Harry's P.O.V

After May talked to me, I felt like I understood everything. What she wanted, what I wanted. What I needed to let go of. But it was still worth the flight over. Hand in hand, May and I walked up the driveway up to her house. I rolled my suitcase behind me since May insisted that I stayed at her house. It'd be harder for the paps to find me anyways, since they think that I'm at the hotel, but there's been a change in plan. May opened the door to her apartment and ushered me in. I brought the suitcase to her room and left it there. I hurried out and gave her a smile when I saw her playing with my phone in the living room. I crept up behind her and spoke, "What do you think your doing, missy?" I questioned. May turned around in surprise before giving me an innocent look.

"Nothing, honest!" May told me. I gave her a look.

"Okay, let me look at yours, then." My eyes darted around the room to look for her phone. I saw it from the corner of my eye, in the dining room.

"Aha," I chuckled rushing to get it.

"No, Harry!" May yelled, getting up. "I'll leave your phone alone!" It was too late. I had already picked it up and turned it on.

A conversation popped up.

From: Josh

Hey May, want a ride like this morning? ;)

From: Josh

Wanna meet up at your house to 'study'?

I read each message out loud, noticing May trying to rip her phone out of my hands.

"Is this him? The guy in the article?" I asked her, completely hurt. Was she cheating on me?

"What? Yeah. It is. But I didn't know he said that Harry." She explained.

"So? He gave you a ride this morning? I knew he was a bad guy" I groaned out in frustration.

"Yeah, but I didn't ask him to. He came this morning. I said okay! Whats wrong?" She exclaimed.

"I just don't want to lose you!" I told her, pulling at the ends of my hair. I stopped and looked at her.

"Do you love me?" She looked at me weirdly.

"Of course I love you! Why wouldn't I?" She questioned.

"Then will you promise me something?" I asked her.


"Stay away from him." I told her.

"What? Why? Harry, I think your-" I interrupted.

"Promise me." I begged, grabbing her hands in mine. I stared at her, searching her eyes for any signs of giving in.


"Please, May. Just this one thing." 

"Fine." She huffed out. "Just for you, though."

"Promise?" I reminded her.

"Promise." She giggled. I leaned in a smashed our lips together.

"Thank you. I love you so much."


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