May and Harry have been dating for 2 years.

They were inseparable, nothing could every come between them.

But what happens when Harry and the band have an upcoming tour?

When May can't come?

What happens when they're separated?

Read 'Stay' to find out


7. Secret Tickets

May's P.O.V

I angrily flipped through my quote book, my hair falling down each side of my face. I pulled a strip of my black locks and combed it roughly behind my ear. When I got mad or upset, I would go through my quote book. I don't know why, but I do. That's how me and Harry and me met...


I softly turned the page to a new quote.

 "It sucks when you fall in love with your best friend, because when it's over, they are the one person you want to comfort you. "


I grimaced, shaking my head. I wasn't in love with my best friend. I was mad at him. I continued going through quotes when I found a good one.

  "Don't let a fight come between you and someone you care about, think about the situation, ignore it and put it behind you. Forgive and forget and leave the rest."   


I laughed bitterly and shook my head. Lies. All lies. None of this would help me in anyway possible. Josh hurt me. You see, there's this girl at my school. Her names Heidi Sanders. She the popular girl. She has everything. And now she has Josh, too. He knew I hated her and he promised. Promised that he wouldn't go out with her. But what do I find out? That he's her boyfriend. He embarresed me. They both laughed at me. They mocked me. I hated it. I was humiliated.

I threw the quote book behind me in frustration and rubbed my hands up and down my face. 

"You should be more careful where you throw things love." A voice groaned from behind me.

I turned around surprised, and my eyes met green ones.

"Sorry!" I apologized, shooting up from the park bench. I walked over to him. He stared at me for a bit before shaking his head and he gave me a cheeky smile.

"No need to apologize." His British accent showed as he spoke. I smiled widely.

He picked up my quote book from the ground.

"You seemed quite angry, there. " He flipped through the book, a serious look stayed on his face.

I laughed and rubbed on my left arm.

"You could say that...." I trailed off.

He stared up at me.

"Shouldn't you be in school?" He questioned.

I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Yeah. I skipped. Shouldn't you?" I retorted. He sighed and shook his head at me.

"I don't go to school. Don't you know who I am?" He asked me, surprised. I thought about it. Why should I know who he-

"You were on the X Factor!" I finally said. A smile appeared on his face.

"Right on. But I'm in a band. Don't you know?" I thought about it.

"Oooh. One Direction." He smiled wider.

"There you go. For a second, I thought you lived under a rock." He chuckled, his laugh filled the air.

"So why isn't a beautiful girl like you at school?" He asked again. I blushed.

"I told you. I skipped." 

"Sorry. I was a bit distracted from your breath taking smile." He told me. I blushed. Again

"Sure..." I said, giggling. Suddenly, there was a loud scream.

"I found him!" A panicking look came over him.

"I have to go. Bye the way, I'm Harry. Can I have your number?" He rushed out.

I smiled. "Sure. And I'm May. I reached into my pocket and there was a gum wrapper. I pulled out my pen from inside my quote book and wrote my number. I handed it to him.

"I'll be sure to call." He winked and ran off, out of the park, girls screaming after him.


I felt a smile make its way onto my lips, thinking about the memory when me and Harry first met.

Suddenly, Don't Wake Me Up by Chris Brown started to play telling me my phone was ringing. I picked up the phone with a grunt and my eyes widened when I saw the caller ID.

Hazza Styles

What was I supposed to do? Answer it? Don't answer it? I felt like I would be running away from all my problems. I had to fix them. Not leave them.  I held my breath and clicked answer.

"Hello?" I said with a shaky voice.

"May! I am so sorry for what Louis said I-" I cut him off.

"Its fine. Don't worry about it." I spoke without emotion.

"What do you mean it 'don't worry about it'? I have too. I can't let my best friend say that about you."  I shook my head.

"Harry! It doesn't matter! Let it go! I don't care and you shouldn't either." There was a moment of silence.

"I forgot to tell you. I'm sorry for making you upset. I didn't know it was such a big deal. I really am sorry Harry and do you know whats weird? That when you hangout with famous models and go out to lunch with them, I don't care. But you do when I bump into a guy at the mall that I've known for so long! It doesn't make any sense."

I heard a irritated sigh.

"I'm payed to do that, May. It's a publicity stunt. Obviously. I thought you'd know that. I'd never hangout with any famous models if you didn't want me to. You out of all people should know that." I rolled my eyes.

"Sure Styles. Sure. I have to go." 

"Were not done talking about this, May." Harry said through gritted teeth.

"I think we are.  Bye." I hung up and threw the phone across the room, in frustration.

Why must having a boyfriend be so hard?




No One's P.O.V


40 Hours away, Harry was in his room, kicking his phone around.

Why must having a girlfriend be so hard? He thought, running a hand through his curly hair.

It seemed like his relationship with May was falling apart. And he didn't want it to. He loved her, with everything he had. He hated the thought of loosing her and would do anything to protect her. 

But how could he do that when he was on tour? What if long distance was too hard for May? What if she broke up with Harry? He felt like he was going to throw up. That couldn't happen. The BRIT awards were coming and Harry had an idea. He would take May as his date. But he was going to have to go back to Cheshire, soon because if the BRIT awards was on the 20th of February, and today was the 17th of February, then he would have to get secret tickets. He couldn't tell anyone. But he always told Louis about anything he did. He then decided that he wouldn't tell Louis. He'd tell Liam. He seemed like the most trustworthy in the group. After all, he didn't make his girlfriend cry like Louis did.

Harry ran out of his room and called for Liam.

"LIAM! GET YOUR ARSE OVER HERE!" Harry yelled, running down the staircase in search for him.

"Yeah?" Liam called right back, standing up from the living room couch. He made his way over to and jumping Harry.

"What do you need? Did something happen with May?" He started to panic. Harry smiled. He liked how protective Liam was over May. He was like a brother to her. Nothing more, nothing less.

"No nothing happened. It's just that-" He paused, looking around him to see if anyone was watching. The hotel was empty. Except for him and Liam.

"I want to get tickets to go to Cheshire and back. Two tickets, in fact." Liam's eyebrows furrowed.

"Two? Why?" 

"Because I want May to come to the BRIT Awards." Harry explained. The confusion on Liam's face had disappeared and an excited look was placed instead.

"I think I could help you with that." He smiled.

"Thanks Liam." I patted his back.

"I knew I could count on you." I said gratefully.

"But the thing is, you can't tell anyone." Liam's smile dropped.

"Not even Louis?" I sighed.

"Not even Louis."

"Okay, but may I ask, why?" Liam asked suspiciously. Harry huffed.

"I don't want him involved with me and May. Since he already yelled at her, I have a feeling she's a bit upset at him as much as I am." Liam nodded at Harry.

"Sure, mate. You can trust me." Liam spoke, sincerity was shown in his tone.

"Thanks. I appreciate it. But how can we call the plane agency? I can't on my phone, Paul will obviously find out." Harry paused. Liam scratched his head, thinking.

"I have an idea!" He yelled out. Harry stared at him, motioning for him to tell him.

"Why don't you call on my phone?" Liam suggested. Harry mumbled under his breath. Why hadn't he thought of that earlier?

"Excellent idea, lad!" Harry gave Liam a pat on his back.

"Lets call" Liam got his phone out from his pocket.

"I have the number in my phone." Liam told Harry as he clicked on the 'Contacts' button. He then found the number and called it. He tossed the phone to Harry just as the ringing stopped.

"Hello?" Harry spoke.

"Yeah.. Two tickets.... To Cheshire, England and back here. Then back again. Yep.... I need the tickets by today..... Put it on the name of Harry Styles.... Okay... Thank you for your time... I'll pick them up this evening.... Bye" Harry hung up with a smile on his face. This was all going to work out. He was going to surprise May after school with a present and bring her to the BRIT awards. It was all going to be fine.

They were going to be fine.


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