I Hate You And I Always Will

A girl named Tyra is dating Louie but hates his best friend Harry has a crush on her. He will not stop tell he gets her. he will follow her and try to brake her and Lou up.


3. Why Did He Do That

It was 4 in the morning when i heard a knock on my door. When i opened the door Harry tackled me. "Harry get off of me" I said. "NO!!" he said. I tried to get up but could not. when he got up to shut the door i got my phone and ran upstairs. I went into the bathroom and locked the door. Tears where going down my face i called Lou "Ello" He said "HELP ME' I screamed. Harry broke down the door and started to kiss me. "Stop" i said He ripped off my shirt then took off my shorts. soon we both had nothing on i shoved his joint into my pussy. Lou ran into my house and pushed Harry off of me i grabbed my shirt and panties i ran into another room and put them on. I was on my bed crying. Harry ran out the front door and Lou ran to me. "Babe are you ok" he asked "Well i just got raped what do you think" i replied. Lou pulled me closer to him. he stayed over the hole night. every time i got up he would ask me where i was going and would come with me. In the morning i went to put my arm around Lou but he was not there. i got up and walked downstairs Lou was in the kitchen making bacon and eggs for me. He came up to me and hugged me. he looked at me and smiled he kissed me. He put are plates on the table "Babe come eat" he said i sat next to him and ate my eggs. "im going to take you shopping today" he said i looked up at him and said "ok." I went up to my room and put my fav outfit on. i went downstairs and got my shoes on. "You look beautiful" Harry said "Thanks"  i said i turn around and notice it was Harry "GET OUT" i screamed "but babe" he said "Don't call me babe LOU" I said "yes babe" Lou said "Harry is here again. Lou ran into the room. "HARRY GET OUT" he yelled. Harry slapped my ass and left."Are you ok" Lou asked me. "yah im fine" i said. i go into the car after Lou. Lou started the car and went to the mall.when we went in 7 girls ran to Lou they asked him to sign something for them he said he couldn't because he was with me. the whole time we where there people where taking pic of us together he bought me new shoes and picked a outfit for me. he said it was his fav outfit on me. we spent the whole day at the mall the worst part was seeing Harry there. after we where done shopping Lou took me out to eat. "did you have fun today" Lou asked "yah" i said "but tomorrow  i have school with Harry." i said "it will be fine" Lou said.

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