I Hate You And I Always Will

A girl named Tyra is dating Louie but hates his best friend Harry has a crush on her. He will not stop tell he gets her. he will follow her and try to brake her and Lou up.


5. The Secrets Out

"Sis wake up" My brother said banging on the door. "I'm up okay just shut up" I said. I got on skinny jeans and a blue shirt on. I ran down stairs and grabbed my coat "Mom i'm staying after school with my friends today" I yelled to my mom up in her room. "Okay." she yelled back. I walked out the door with my brother and saw Harry. I froze. "Sis are you okay" My brother said. "Yeah im fine" I said back. I walked over to my bus stop where Harry and the rest of the boys where. None of them talked to me. This is weird I thought to myself. When i got on to the bus someone scr eamed out whore. They must of not been talking to me I thought. Then I sat in a seat all by myself. Someone moved into the seat with me. I looked up and saw Zayn. " I heard what you and Harry did" Zayn said. "What did we do" I asked. "You tried to fuck him" Zayn said. "No!!!!" I said back. 'Okay whatever" Zayn said as he moved to the next seat over. the girl in the seat in front of me turned around and started to talk to me. "Why did you try to fuck Harry you little whore." The girl said. " I didnt" I said as a tear went down my face. "Whatever whore" She said as she turned back around. "When i got to school i ran to the girls bathroom and started crying. Two girls walked in and saw me. "Oh look the whores crying" One of them said. "Yeah she must not have anyone to play with." The other one said. They both started laughing then left the room "It smells like fish" one of them said As they left.  Thats it everyone Thinks im a whore because they think i tried to fuck Harry. I thought to myself My life is ruined 

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