I Hate You And I Always Will

A girl named Tyra is dating Louie but hates his best friend Harry has a crush on her. He will not stop tell he gets her. he will follow her and try to brake her and Lou up.


1. I Will Always Hate You

"Hey babe" Louie said "Hey" he smiles at you "what" you asked "i got you something he said" "what is it" you asked "it's a ring" "awww thanks" as i kiss him on the cheek. "Wan't to come over and watch a movie with me tonight" he asked you "sure" you said. Later that night when I arrived at Louies you knocked on the door and Harry answered "oh your here" you said. "Louie can I talk to you alone"  you said "yah sure" "what is Harry doing here" "I invited him he's my friend" "yah so you know i don't like him" "just try to get along with him for tonight" "fine" I said. I sat at the different end of the sofa. "I'm going to go make some popcorn" Harry said he got up and left the room. "I'll be right back" I said you went into the kitchen and saw Harry standing there "can you stop staining at me ok thanks" i said "im not staring at you" Harry said "yah you are" "whatever" "oh yah and just remember i hate you and always will" I said. I went back and sat on Louies lap when Harry came back we started the movie. Every five minuets i would look at Harry and notice that he was looking at me I stood up and said "Harry will you stop looking at me" then left the room. Louie ran out after me "what was that all about" he asked i didn't answer "babe?" "lets just go watch the movie" i said and left the room and sat on the sofa. I looked at Harry and he looked at me. Later that night I fell asleep in Louies arms. The next morning you woke up on Louies sofa and Harry was at the other end "ewwww" i said. I got up real fast got my stuff and left Louies house. 20 minuets later my phone rang it was Louie i answered it "Hello" i said "ello where are you" Louie said "at my place" "why did you leave" "because i woke up on the couch with Harry" "so you could of came into my room with  me" "why would you leave me there with him anyways" "I don't know" "whatever bye" "wat--" i hanged up the phone.

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