I Hate You And I Always Will

A girl named Tyra is dating Louie but hates his best friend Harry has a crush on her. He will not stop tell he gets her. he will follow her and try to brake her and Lou up.


2. I Think I Might Like You

I heard a knock on my door when i opened it Louie was standing there "Hi" i said "Hey are you ok" "yah why" "because you haven't talked to me for 2 days" "I just have been rely busy" "ok well can i come in" "ya sure" "later I am going to hang out with Harry wan't to come" "Sure only because you are going to be there" for a hour me and Louie talked about what happened at his house. "Oh we have to go pick up Harry" I grabbed my coat and put on my shoes i went in waited in the car for Louie. Louie got in and started car. When we got to Harrys house i got in the back of the car "babe why are you sitting in the back you can sit up here with me?'' He asked ''because you wanted to hangout with Harry" Harry got into the car no one talked. ''This is awkward.'' Harry said. I nodded in reply. We drove down the road to Nando's and I wondered why Niall wasn't here. We walked in and three girls ran up to Harry and Louie i went and sat down when Harry and Louie where taking pics with the girls. After they where done Louie and Harry sat at the other side of the table. They talked and talked and all i did was sit there when Louie went to the bathroom Harry started to talk to me. "So how have you been" he asked i did not answer him "can we just be friends please" he said" "But i thought you hated me" "well i think i l---" "Hey guys i'm back" louie said "what where you going to say Harry" i ask "it was not important" he said. The rest of the time we where there me and Harry talked and talked. "ok we have to go" Louie said. "Why" i asked. "Because" "ok" i said. When we got into the car Harry sat out back with me. Louie left the car to go get so  drinks for all of us. When Louie was coming out of the store he say Harry try to kiss me in the car i pushed him a way and got out of the car. I sat in the front next to Louie. "Are you ok' Louie asked. I looked at him "Yah" no one talked for the rest  of the ride.Louie dropped off Harry. "I saw what Harry tried to do" i did not speak. "Babe" "What i said. "Wanna come over and watch a movie with me" "sure" i said. all i remember was falling asleep in his arms. it was 3am when i woke up. i heard a noise in Louies kitchen i went in there and saw Harry. "What are you doing here" I asked him. "well Zayn brought some chick home so I came here" he said. "Ok well im going to go up stairs with Louie you can have the sofa" "ok" he said. But be for i went up stairs Harry turned me around and smashed his lips into mine. I tried to pull away but he wouldn't let me go. Louie walked in and Harry let me go. ''Lou! She tried to kiss me!'' Harry yelled. ''What?!'' I screamed. ''I saw you kiss her! Get out! Don't ever come near my girlfriend again!'' He screamed and Harry flead. Lou grabbed  me and hugged me. "Come on lets go up stairs." He said. I walked up stairs and laid there in his bed with him. Lou pulled me closer. Then there was a loud bang on Lou's front door. "I'll be right back." He said. I started to here people screaming. "LOU!!" I screamed. i ran down the stairs to see harry at the door. him and Lou where yelling. Harry punched Lou. "HARRY STOP!!" I screamed. the cops came to the house because one of Lou's friends from across  the street called them. He herd all the screaming and got nervous. The cops  broke up the fight. I was crying on the stairs. Lou came up to me and hugged me. Lou was all beat up, "It's ok" he said as he pulled me closer.

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