I Hate You And I Always Will

A girl named Tyra is dating Louie but hates his best friend Harry has a crush on her. He will not stop tell he gets her. he will follow her and try to brake her and Lou up.


4. Back To School

"Sis wake up where going to be late"  My brother said knocking on my door. "I am up" i said. I got on the outfit Lou picked out for me. When i went out side I saw Harry waiting for the bus. i walked over with my brother, Harry looked at me for a while. Then he walked over to me, "Hey babe" he said. "Leave me alone" i said. "what did i ever do to you" "you know what you did just leave me alone." "What did he do" my brother asked.  "nothing" i said.  Lou was driving by and stopped when he say Harry put his arm around me. "Harry stop" i said. "do you want a ride" Lou said. "Yes" i said. My brother got in the back. When we got to the school i kissed Lou. "Love you" i said. "Lobe you to" he said. When i got into the the school i saw Harry by my locker. When i went over there Harry put his arm around me. "Leave me alone" i said. The bell rang and me and Harry where the only ones in the hall. he put his hands around my waste. i pulled away fast and ran to class. later at lunch Harry sat next to me. "Hey babe" he siad. "dont call me babe" i said. i got up and left Harry sitting there alone. I went and sat with my friends Harry followed me "Harry go away" i said. "you guys look cute together" my friend siad.  "no we dont" i said. "come with me i need to talk to you alone" Harry said he greamed my arm and pulled me to the table where Zayn and Niall where sitting. "Hey" Niall said. i didn't say anything. "say hi bacK" Harry said. "Harry just leave me alone i said i stood up but Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me back down. "Stop" i said."Harry just let her go" Niall said. Harry let me go and i ran off and sat with my friends. it was a rely long day but it was all most time to leave. when i heard the bell ring i ran out the school doors and started to walk home. I heard someone call my name from behind me i turned around and say Harry. I started to run when i say him. when i got to my house i was out of breath. Harry came up from behind me and grabbed me. i didn't notice taht Lou was right there waiting for me. i turned around and looked at Harry. Then he started to kiss me. i pulled away and ran to my front porch and saw Lou. I stood there for a moment then hugged him. I told him about my day. "I just wish Harry would leave me alone" i said. Lou said nothing. Then out of no where he just kissed me. 'I got to go stay away from Harry. He said. "ok love you" i said as i walked inside my house. My brother was standing right there. " What did Harry do to you" he asked. " nothing i just hate him" i said. "are you sure" "yes" i said then left to my room.

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