Why does this always happen to me

Ellie a 17 year old girl who is Louis Tomlinson's sister falls in love with one of the boys?? But who falls for her and which guy does she choose? Who will she be friends with in the end?


2. What is going on?

Niall: hey babe, I need to ask u something serious and I need u to tell the truth Xx

Ellie: umm, sure, is everything okay?

Niall: everything is fine but I needed to ask u do u fancy me? I really like you but I know harry does too, if u don't then it doesn't matter I would understand Xx

Ellie: yea I reli like u, I think your fit and I never knew either of you fancied me Lou never said Xx

Niall: he never told me either. Umm... I don't suppose... U wanted to like...be my girlfriend? Xx

Ellie: YEA of course I do Xx

Niall: I think we should tell the boys together, so in a few mins as we are out front Xx

Lou's POV:

I wonder who Niall was texting? I'll ask him in a second. " umm... Niall... Who were you texting in the car?" his faced looked really worried and he turned red, what if he had a girlfriend that he kept from us...

"have you got a..." we were interrupted by Ellie, lottie, fizzy, phoebe and daisy running towards us to give us all hugs. Everyone hugged but when it got to Niall just before me Ellie and him were acting strange and they were hugging for longer and whispering and giggling. Something was up and needed to find out...my thoughts were interrupted by Ellie and Niall shouting that they had an announcement to make. Everyone looked excited me I was just worried at what they were gonna say.

Ellie's POV:

We were about to tell them and everyone looked excited apart from Lou he looked upset. I turned to Niall " maybe I should tell Lou on my own whilst you tell everyone in here, he looks a bit upset" Niall nodded and as I exited Louis followed closely asking several times what was the announcement.

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