Why does this always happen to me

Ellie a 17 year old girl who is Louis Tomlinson's sister falls in love with one of the boys?? But who falls for her and which guy does she choose? Who will she be friends with in the end?


1. Play it cool

Ellie's POV:

As I stood there all I could think about was how famous they were getting, my brother and his hot band members were actually getting somewhere. We always thought he would just go out with his friends kick a ball around and be a muppet, not one day that he would have silly nicknames like BooBear and be famous all around the world, although being famous doesn't stop him from messing around. All I could do now though was sing to his poster on my wall and look into my crushes eyes, he would never fall for a girl like me I am his best friends sister. It would never happen but I liked to dream.

Louis' POV:

I knew she fancied him but now he fancies her, what is up with that and neither of them know. I can't tell my sister that my best friend is in love with her, can I? I mean if I do they might end up together and it's not that I don't want them to it's just that if he breaks her heart then I don't think I would be able to forgive him for that. I'll have to tell her, I'm on my way to her now I need to tell her it's the right thing to do before one of the others open their big gobs. " Lou are you okay you seem kinda worried, is everything okay?" Harry asked me as I pretended it was all okay. Niall just sat there giving me the please don't tell him look but why was he giving me that look. "it's fine it is just that I fund out one of you like like my sister, I mean Ellie. I don't know wether I should tell her though?" . Harry looked at everyone else apart from Niall and everyone looked at Niall except for Harry. What was going on here something was being hidden and needed to find out quickly.

Harry's POV:

Shit, I think he knows I fancy her, but why is he worried about telling her and why is everyone looking at Niall as if to say this is something to do with him, maybe I should ask him. " Niall mate do you fancy Ellie?" he just stared blankly at me and then the shit busted look appeared, but what had he been busted for..."shit who told ya?". " no one told me anything, do you like her cos I really do and I wanna make a move if that is okay with Lou?". I suddenly saw Niall's head drop as if someone just ripped his heart out, what had I just done he was clearly in love with this girl maybe I should let him have this one.

Niall's POV:

He couldn't let me have one fucking girl not even one, I felt as if my heart had just been ripped out. No way would Louis let him. But what if he did. I need to get in there first. But what if she likes Harry instead of me. I need to find out, I must text her she is my best friend so I have her number.

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