Why does this always happen to me

Ellie a 17 year old girl who is Louis Tomlinson's sister falls in love with one of the boys?? But who falls for her and which guy does she choose? Who will she be friends with in the end?


3. I love someone

Ellie's POV:

I began saying" Lou I love you but I love someone else now and I have a boyfriend and I know you won't be happy with who it is but I love them and they love me. But I wanted to tell you on your own, so you weren't upset" we were interrupted by whoops, cheers and "get in there's" from everyone downstairs apart from Harry, I hope he wasn't annoyed...

Lou's POV:

I felt like my heart was ripped out and I had a fresh one with space for another brother, maybe it wasn't going to be so bad I would have to give him the talk to but that was fine. " Lou?" Ellie asked me again. " I'm fine, I'm really happy but you do know I'm gonna have to give him the brother talk before anything happens right?" I saw her roll her eyes and then the door bust open and everyone came in cheering, then I saw Harry at the back behind them just stood there, he just looked like someone had run away or he was just hit by a car, I have never seen him like this ever! " Harry it will all be okay, you will find your princess and just because they are together doesn't mean your forgotten, I'll make sure. We can wind em up not" I tried to say making him feel better. " thanks Lou you really are a mate" he then gave me the mysterious look like he was up to now good...

Harry's POV:

After my talk with Lou I went and jumped on the bed and said t them both " so now your a couple we shall leave you to your rumpy pumpy alone" I said winking, I don't think anyone was very impressed although I did see Zayn snigger.
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