Where Do We Go From Here?

Aria, Dakota, Victoria, Selena, and Sasha are fresh out of their 9th grade year. They're dreaming of big celebrities and realize how close their dreams may be. One Direction/Ed Sheeran Fanfiction


1. Prologe and Chapter 1


Aria’s POV


Present day

I have no words to express my love for you, my achingly unreturned, heartbreakingly despairing, scorchingly painful love that I harbor in my heart for you. Heavy stuff for me to say, I know, but now that I have my diagnosis, now that I know I won’t be here for very long, I have no reason to hide this. After all, nothing can harm a heart that’s already stopped beating.

I first met Victoria in Kindergarten, Dakota in third year, Sasha in fourth year, and only began to be friends with Selena in sixth year. Each one was so startlingly different, but none of us fit in well enough with anyone but each other. There were few secrets, just the dark ones we knew the others had, but didn’t expect to tell theirs’ if we wouldn’t tell ours.  We knitted together, drifted apart, and then formed that unbreakable bond in eighth year. They were my life the summer that this story begins.

Chapter 1

The Girls

Six months ago

                The day we were let out of school for summer vacation out of our ninth year, Victoria, Dakota, Sasha, and Selena came over to stay with me for the night. They were staying with me, but at a hotel a few hours away and yes, their parents had been informed and were fine with the idea. I’d gotten Ed Sheeran tickets for them and me, courtesy of my lovely parents for my birthday the previous year and the girls were coming along.  Victoria, though she wasn’t a fan of his music, reluctantly agreed while the others were excited. Dakota was in my room putting on her outfit, Victoria in the guest room with Sasha, putting on makeup, and Selena was with me, sitting on the floor in the kitchen, laughing at some video we were playing on my laptop.  The girls joined us in the kitchen so we headed back up to the comfort of my room to pass the next few nervous hours before the concert.

I hadn’t picked my outfit, so Dakota was rummaging through my closet, picking out clothing that I would never have worn and honestly forgotten I had, into a heap on my bed, which grew rapidly and soon had Sasha pinned under it. I plucked a pair of embellished white jeans and a cute top from the pile. Ducking into the bathroom, I put on the jeans, which were tighter than I’d expected them to be, and the top, which wasn’t awful, I decided. Putting up part of my painstakingly straightened hair, I curled the ends of my hair, which hung on the front of my shoulders, just as one of my favorite singers had done in a live stream a few months before. I dabbed on a bit of makeup, just mascara and lip gloss, the slightest bit of blush, since it seemed that when I put a lot on, it looked worse than nothing at all.

I looked at my pale, snowy skin with veins tangling under the surface. I didn’t mind pale, but I did mind being this pale. My recently dyed hair, which darkened the brunette I already was brought out my eyes, but also drew even more attention to the lack of any pigment in my skin.  I always joked that I was a vampire and my friends loved the idea of me being a vampire queen, which, however strange, made some hilarious conversation.  Now I stood in front of the mirror, a stark contrast of darks and lights, not quite satisfactory to how I wanted to look, but I knew it was the best I’d get.

I went back out to join my girls in my room, laughing at the fact that Victoria was sprawled on the floor, Selena already working on pushing Sasha off the bed as well. She liked her space and no one could invade her territory. I assumed we’d be sleeping on the floor. I didn’t mind; that was one of the reasons we got along so well; I didn’t like someone who was wishy-washy and never told you what they wanted. Selena was not that kind of person.

“Where’s Dakota?” I asked the two girls, who lay on the floor, laughing hysterically. Neither girl answered, Victoria shaking her head and Sasha just laughing manically.

“She went downstairs to get her bag. She said she wanted to call and see if we could call and see if we could swap our room for one with more beds. I told her that wouldn’t be necessary.”

“No, I’m sure you’ll be fine with us sleeping on the floor at the hotel,” I teased her.

Selena rolled her eyes. “You look nice.”

I answered with a matching eyeroll and a sarcastic “thanks.”

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