Where Do We Go From Here?

Aria, Dakota, Victoria, Selena, and Sasha are fresh out of their 9th grade year. They're dreaming of big celebrities and realize how close their dreams may be. One Direction/Ed Sheeran Fanfiction


9. Chapter 9 "Rudely Woken"

Chapter 9

Rudely Woken

Victoria’s POV

                I was reading when Aria was pushed sharply into me, her book flying into the middle seat, right into Selena’s lap. Aria let out a cry of indignant pain. She righted herself back to the way she had been, leaning lightly against me. She was watching Dakota, who had jolted awake and flung her hands out, which must have been what pushed Aria.

“Bloody hell, I lost my page! What was that, D?”

Dakota shrugged. “I don’t know. Bad dream, I guess. Sorry.”

Aria rubbed her shoulder and accepted her book from Selena. She opened it, found her place, and began to read again. I tried to turn my attention to the pages in front of me, but I couldn’t. The words swam in front of me. Dakota was leaning back, her head rested on the back of the seat, hands rubbing her face.  What is wrong with these girls lately?

I pushed the thought away. We’d just finished school. Lately it’d been rough, finals, and projects, whatever. Everyone was tired. Now we were ready for something we’d always dreamed about. Maybe after tonight everyone would accept that it was finally summer and we could unwind a little, release the tension.

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