Where Do We Go From Here?

Aria, Dakota, Victoria, Selena, and Sasha are fresh out of their 9th grade year. They're dreaming of big celebrities and realize how close their dreams may be. One Direction/Ed Sheeran Fanfiction


4. Chapter 4 "The Surprise"

Chapter 4

The Surprise

Victoria’s POV

With Aria’s ipod plugged in and I us both mouthing the lyrics to each other, I felt so happy. It didn’t even matter that I wasn’t a huge fan of Ed. Even my dad had told me to give him a chance after Aria talked him into listening to some of Ed’s songs. She’s such a suck-up. I’d kept the grin on my face since Aria had sent me a long-lashed wink when she saw me enjoying the song.

There was definitely something up between Aria and Dakota. Dakota and Aria had acted pretty strange when they came back upstairs after Aria changed and went to find Dakota. Aria hadn’t even talked since we’d gotten in the car, which meant the only sound beside the music was stone cold quiet.  “Air,” I whispered, poking her in the ribs, resulting in her looking over at me, raising an eyebrow silently.

Uh-oh. A cool, quiet Aria meant a sad/disappointed Aria. I doubted the other girls knew this, but through our texts, I knew Aria inside out. I knew that Aria was upset because her parents were taking to Arizona that summer and she was really upset about being away for so long. She’d almost died when I went on a cruise for a week.

I poked her again, since she’d turned to look past Selena, out the window. She turned to me and I noticed her eyes were darker; she was upset about something. “Air, what’s up? Speak.”

“Hey, D,” Sasha directed at Dakota, who hadn’t said a word either. Dakota replied, but it was soft, her and Sasha’s heads bent together as they spoke.”

Aria sighed and smiled. “Yeah, I’m just a little tired. I haven’t been able to sleep in over a week I’ve been so excited.” She tilted her head back, letting the headrest hold up the weight. She seemed paler than normal; I noticed the circles under her eyes were a bit darker. That was strange.

Aria had closed her eyes and I watched as the corners of her mouth twitched up into a smile when the song changed to “Gentleman” by Cody Simpson.  I reached into the front seat and grabbed my phone. Aria still had her eyes closed and I figured she’d keep them that way a while. I texted my dad saying we were on our way to the arena. Selena leaned forward and looked at me.

“Something’s wrong,” She said, her voice low. I glanced warily at Aria. “She’s asleep,” Selena added, which relaxed me a bit.

Aria was insecure and sensitive. She took people talking about her to heart and I could only imagine what she’d think if she heard us talking about her. I nodded at Selena. “Something’s very wrong.”

Sasha nodded and added, “I wonder what.”

Dakota remained silent; staring at the ipod in her hands, but didn’t believe for a second that she wasn’t listening. This was Aria. She never shut up and now she was quiet. She loved Ed Sheeran, but was sleeping on the way to his concert.

Aria’s dad spoke up. “She stayed up late trying to find an outfit. She’s really excited but… Aria still sleeps a lot. She’ll be fine.”

We sat in silence for a while. After a few minutes, we were on the interstate and there must have been a ridge in the road because we hit a bump. Hard. Aria jerked awake, bumping into me. I immediately noticed that her eyes had more light in them and she smiled at me. I smiled back and she reached back, running her fingers through her hair.

“Everything okay?” Aria asked.

“Yeah, good nap?”

Aria nodded. “I feel a lot better.”

I smiled at her and she quickly leaned into skip a song on the ipod. I knew it was because of the rap in it, which her mum hated. She sat back. “Dakota, I ‘forgot’ to tell you something.” She smirked, using air quotes.

“What is it?” Dakota asked excitedly.

“One Direction’s opening for Ed tonight.”

Screams and shrieks echoed though the car. Well, this made me feel better about going tonight!

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