Where Do We Go From Here?

Aria, Dakota, Victoria, Selena, and Sasha are fresh out of their 9th grade year. They're dreaming of big celebrities and realize how close their dreams may be. One Direction/Ed Sheeran Fanfiction


3. "Chapter 3" Buckle Up

Chapter 3

Buckle Up

Aria’s POV

What’s wrong? So spill it. Dakota’s words echoed in my head as I sat on the bed with Selena, the other girls perched on my desk, sitting on a chair, or still sprawled on the floor.  I’d told Dakota nothing was wrong, but… I didn’t know what, but I could feel something big coming, looming on the horizon like one of those ships on the paintings. I just hoped this ship was a luxury cruise liner under the sun, not a sailboat under a stormy sky.

Selena was staring off into space and Victoria looking through a bag of new books I’d bought the past weekend on a trip to the mall, sort of an end-of-the-year celebration for myself. Sasha was scrolling down through something on my laptop; I assumed it was tumblr since that’s what I’d left open, as well as my online playlist. Dakota, perched on the side of my desk, something only she could look graceful doing, was staring, I realized, at me watching me intently. Her face held the same uneasy expression I felt. What is going on? I thought.  I averted my gaze from her piercing eyes, afraid she might see just how scared I was that something was going to happen.

At five we all piled into the car, since it would take two hours to get to the arena and we expected a long line for the concert, which started at eight. It would also get us time to stop and eat, plus maybe buy some tee-shirts or something. The car was big enough for the girls, my mom, dad, and I all to fit in it with one extra seat. We threw out purses and messenger bags there, with three girls (Victoria, Selena and I) in the backseat and the other two (Sasha and Dakota) in the middle seats. They’d turned around so they were facing us, which I couldn’t imagine would be comfortable, and were talking about something that I thought might have been related to Art Club. I guess I hadn’t been paying attention.

I’d plugged my portable speakers into my ipod and had it on shuffle. “Yellow” by Coldplay came on and I allowed myself to drift away, into the music. Victoria was singing along and I smiled. We often joked that we were twins, since we were so alike. I sent her a wink and mouthed that I had great music taste. She grinned back.

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