Where Do We Go From Here?

Aria, Dakota, Victoria, Selena, and Sasha are fresh out of their 9th grade year. They're dreaming of big celebrities and realize how close their dreams may be. One Direction/Ed Sheeran Fanfiction


16. Chapter 16 "Wet Laundry"

Chapter 16

Wet Laundry

Aria’s POV

What the bloody hell? Ed had handed me his number and Louis let of me as I swiped the keycard to our suite around 12:30 in the morning. I walked in, followed my girls and the 1D boys. I suddenly missed Louis’s arm supporting me as I stumbled, still feeling a bit lightheaded.

Niall announced that he was going to get food for all of us. Dakota had suggested the boys hang out on the walk over. They’d graciously accepted. Victoria stood from her seat beside me on the bed. She stood so quickly that I toppled over, faceplanting into the mattress. I grunted in indignation. How rude!

“I’ll go with you.” She told Niall, blushing madly. Wow. That was smooth.

Niall grinned at her. C’mon then. There’s not a Nando’s but I’m sure we can find something to bring back.”

They left and Dakota headed into the bathroom to change out of her clothes, Selena changed in the other bathroom and Sasha behind the screen in the corner of the room. I could wait to change, but my wedges were killing me, so I took them off, accidentally flinging one to where it hit Zayn. I apologized and he laughed. Dakota started screaming for me inside the bathroom.

I’ll be honest. I heard the words, “pants, shower, water,” and not a few swear words. I walked over and knocked, the door opening soon after, Dakota’s hand pulling me inside and shutting the door again tightly. She was dressed in a towel, staring at the shower floor. I followed her gaze. Her clothes, which she’d flung into the previously dry shower earlier, were soaked. I laughed, which I found was a bad idea when she took a pair of wet jeans and hit me with them. Ouch.

“What am I supposed to wear now?” Dakota looked really upset.

I sighed. “It’s fine. I’ll give you some of my clothes. It’ll be big, but still. Then, I’ll go find a place to dry your clothes. I saw a Laundromat really close to here. I’m going to take care of it, okay?”

She nodded, close to tears. I opened the door and walked out to get my suitcase and gave her a shirt and skirt. They fit me perfectly. This, of course meant they’d be absolutely huge on her.

I waited in the main room for her to change. Harry looked up at me. “Is Dakota alright?”

“Yeah, she’s fine.” I headed over to one of the beds and laid down, closing my eyes for what I swear was a second or two. Then something landed on me, something human shaped. Selena.

“No! No! No! No No No No!!!!” Selena scolded, getting off me and pushing me to the floor. “This is my bed.”

Louis was doubled over laughing. He helped me get up. “Are you alright?” Zayn asked.

“Yeah, even though I could have ruptured my spleen!” I glared at Selena while Louis chuckled. “What?” I asked.

“Spleen! Hahaha!!!!”

I brushed myself off. Okay then… Sasha had appeared, sitting next to Liam. The door to the bathroom swung open and Dakota came out looking very unhappy in my clothes. Everyone looked to her for an explanation.

“Don’t ask. I don’t want to talk about it,” she grumbled.

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