Where Do We Go From Here?

Aria, Dakota, Victoria, Selena, and Sasha are fresh out of their 9th grade year. They're dreaming of big celebrities and realize how close their dreams may be. One Direction/Ed Sheeran Fanfiction


12. Chapter 12 "The Mystery Girl"

Chapter 12

The Mystery Girl

Ed’s POV

There were five girls directly in front of me. They were obviously together, grabbing eachother’s hands, screaming, and laughing.  All except one near the middle, in seat A7 who was just…smiling. All of a sudden one of the girls beside her, who’d been fangirling hard smacked her in the face accidentally. Her smile morphed into shock and pain. Ouch.

On the other side of the poor girl was one of her friends, the one Niall had asked Paul to bring to the meeting room at the end of the concert. She had dark hair and bright eyes. She was pretty, but my eyes were drawn back to that girl with the brown hair and lacy shirt. She had recovered and was smiling hugely once again.

I met her eyes and she blushed deeply, quickly looking down and I was pretty sure she giggled, though I wasn’t sure. I could hardly hear myself. The crowd was deafening tonight. The smacking girl noticed and looked up in shock, nearly hitting the girl I was so drawn to again. I took a better look at her while I began my set, starting with The A-Team. She had her hair up in a way that looked casual but planned out, very little makeup, and was dressed in dark but feminine clothes. I really liked this girl, I realized.

The rest of my set required little concentration, which was good since I was wrapped up in my own thoughts. I rapped a little, using my looping machine, sang a bit off my “+” album, sang a bit of new stuff, and announced the last song of the night. I’d decided to close with an acoustic version of Give Me Love. My eyes had been on that girl in A7, whose friends all gasped when they heard the title. She laughed as the smacker-girl embraced her and laughed harder, still fangirling harder than anyone I’d ever seen. I wondered briefly if I should be worried about her passing out.

I began the song with the familiar opening chords and watched as the girl and her friend swayed to the soft music. She looked so happy and by her friends’ reactions, I assumed it was her favorite song. Both she and the shorter girl she was dancing with were mouthing the words. I ended the song with an extended note I usually wouldn’t have, but hey, it’d been a great crowd. What better way to end an amazing show?

In the middle of the note, I caught the girl’s eye again.  She held my gaze, her eyes widened slightly in amazement. I gave her a small wave and blew her a kiss. She turned so red I doubted if she had enough blood anywhere else in her body. Her friends screamed, as did the rest of the venue. I let the note fade.

As I said goodnight, I forced myself to break the eye contact. I said goodnight and thanked everyone before exiting the stage, taking out my earplugs and hearing piece, letting the roar of the crowd get to me, one of the best sounds I’d ever discovered. It had been a great night. All I had to do was find that girl.

“Sam?” I asked one of the guys backstage.

“Yeah, Ed?”

“Bring that girl from A7 to the meeting room. Black top, wedges, pretty, friends with her.”

I waited anxiously for him to get back for about twenty minutes before he did.

“I’m sorry, man. A7 girl’s already gone. She and her friends got cleared out fast. I didn’t even see them at the exit.”

My heart broke a bit. “Alright, Thanks.” I walked to my dressing room.” Damn.

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