Where Do We Go From Here?

Aria, Dakota, Victoria, Selena, and Sasha are fresh out of their 9th grade year. They're dreaming of big celebrities and realize how close their dreams may be. One Direction/Ed Sheeran Fanfiction


10. Chapter 10 "Finally at the Beginning"

Chapter 10

Finally at the Beginning

Aria’s POV

At seven on the nose we pulled into the hotel parking lot. My parents got the girls and I’s room, a huge suite, and helped us haul our bags up there. What they said next shocked me. Quite frankly, I never expected my parents to allow this.

“Okay girls,” My mum said, “Tom and I are headed to North Carolina for a week.” We’ll come get you next Monday night, okay?” She smiled. “There’s the debit card for food and stuff and your parents gave me some money for all of you to shop.” She handed everyone an envelope with their name on it. Obviously seeing our “Are you bloody kidding me?” faces, she added, “I cleared it with your parents.”

The girls and I tried to hide our shock, thanking my parents and I went out into the hall with them so that I could say goodbye alone without being embarrassed by the few tears falling down my cheeks. I’d never been one to be away from my parents for long. We exchanged words like “check in regularly,” “be safe,” and “I love you,” before they took their leave. I leaned against the wall for a few minutes to collect myself.

I was about ready to go back in the suite when someone walked past me, someone very very familiar. Is that Paul Higgins? I shook it off as the man hurried past. There’s no way, I thought. He looked at me and smiled a bit, but didn’t stop. I dropped the thought and headed back into the suite where Dakota was hanging off one of the beds, upside-down, naturally.

“What in blazes?” I muttered and plopped down on the same bed. “Okay, there are five of us,” I started without even having to count. The girls and I made a star. We were our five. “There are three beds. That gives us two, two, and one. Groups?” I was the leader when it came to planning things out like this. “Or wait, it’s 7:15. Finish getting all glammed NOW!” I was struck with sudden nervousness. “We have to go.”

Dakota flipped and threw herself upright, and in to the bathroom, dragging her very large suitcase behind her. I could hear clothing hitting the door in thumps. So much for neatly folding because of the OCD, I mused. Oh well, she’d make sure she fixed it later. The other girls looked at me as if to say “we’re already the way we’re going to go…”

“Alright, I have to fix myself up, too, too. Give me five.” I dropped a wink and headed to the second bathroom on the other side of the suite with my bag.

I stared at myself in the outfit I was wearing, dark skinny jeans, a black cami, a black lace cover, and high, black wedges. I’d kept my make-up simple, just mascara, a hint of blush to add some color to my paleness, and lipstick with a shiny gloss over it. I touched up my make-up, straightened my clothes, tossed my hair, and headed out to wait with the girls.

Dakota emerged at the same time I did, wearing a completely different outfit than she had been on the way here. I ushered the girls out with our tickets in hand. We walked across the street to where the venue was. It was 7:45 by the time we’d gotten through security and had our tickets checked. We found out seats, right in the front. My heart was ounding in my ears so much that I could hardly hear all the screaming girls. We sat down, Sasha in A4, Selena in A5, Victoria in A6, me in A7, and Dakota in A8. The lights went down and we waited. Suddenly, five boys rose onto the stage in a cloud of smoke as a beat we all knew, the beginning of WMYB, played through the arena.

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