Has your life ever shattered before your eyes? If you look in the dictionary, the definition of shattered is 'to break into pieces with a violent blow'. That's quite an accurate representation of the word. A life can shatter into a million pieces, like glass breaking in a spider's web, each fragment symbolises a lie, each crack a broken promise.

A person can only ever know the true feeling of their life shattering once they've been there. Once they've felt the heartbreak and witnessed the hurt, only then do they realise what it means to have their life fall to pieces. Olivia is one of those people. She knows what its like. Her life fell apart the moment her parents split up.


2. The Violent Blow

In the doorway stood their mum, just half an hour ago she was the epitome of a happy, smiling housewife but now she stood with her face ablaze. Her eyes showed the betrayal. In her hand she held the one piece of paper which had the power to shatter everything.

"What. The. Hell. Is this?" She screamed, starring at their father enraged. Her hands were trembling, the paper shaking like a leaf as she held it up for all to see.

Olivia saw her fathers eyes flicker to panic but then he regained some calmness and turned to her and quietly ordered, "Take your brother upstairs."

Olivia quickly picked up her brother and held him close. She tried to do her best at comforting him but she could tell by the muffled sobs that he was past comforting. Just like her he was distraught and confused. Her eyes brimmed with tears as she took one last look at the scene in front of her and then scurried out and up the stairs.

As soon as she shut the door she heard the shouting begin. She walked faster. Down the hallway and into her bedroom. She softly shut the door, she felt like slamming it but her brother was upset as it was, she didn't want to make it worse. She could still hear the shouting. Each word killed her a little inside. She couldn't bare to listen anymore. She walked into her wardrobe and closed the door, sliding down it in despair. She felt like breaking down and bursting into floods of tears but had to stay strong for her brother.

Holding him away from her she saw the saddness in his eyes, the mixture of confusion and terror clouding his judgement, "'Ivia..." He started but he couldn't continue, his little, innocent voice went silent.

"It's okay," Olivia soothed, "Everything is going to be fine," Her voice barely audible. It was practically a whisper. She wished she had someone to soothe her. She wished she was young enough to believe her words of comfort.

He wasn't one hundred percent convinced but it helped, he wasn't sobbing uncontrollably anymore.

"B-but mummy was shouting at daddy! Mummy was angry!" Thomas told her, as if she didn't know already.

Olivia sat her baby brother on her knees and jolted him up and down, softly singing a rhyme. He was facing towards her so she did her best to smile and act like everything was normal. Though, of course it wasn't normal, they were sat in her wardrobe surrounded by clothes and toys under the light of the three spotlights while their parents had a war of words. They couldn't be further from normal.

She tried her best not to listen to the sound of her parents arguments but she couldn't help it. She couldn't cover her ears because it would alarm Thomas so she just tried to block it out. No matter how hard she tried she still heard the accusing screams of her mother and the defensive shouts of her father. Then, she heard the four words that made her heart sink, "Admit it! Your cheated!" Were the vemenous words her mother screamed at her father. The words were met by silence, a horrible, life destroying silence like no other.

It stayed like that for many anxious minutes of hell, Olivia realised they must have stopped shouting. Through the silence came a loud slam, the door being slammed shut. Olivia placed Thomas by her legs and ran out of the wardrobe and to her window just in time to see her dad walk to his car. A tear slide down her cheek, she swiftly wiped it away, determined not to upset her brother any more then he already was.

It had only just sunk in. Her father had cheated. That's what the piece of paper was about. Did he not care about her, or her mother or Thomas? Did he not think about the consequences of his actions? Apparently not.

More tears threatened to role down her cheeks. Her eyes stung but she held them back. She knew that once she started she wouldn't never stop.

Once she was sure she was composed she retreated back to the safety of her wardrobe. She didn't know when it would be safe to go down stairs again. All she knew was that the violent blow had been thrown.
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