Has your life ever shattered before your eyes? If you look in the dictionary, the definition of shattered is 'to break into pieces with a violent blow'. That's quite an accurate representation of the word. A life can shatter into a million pieces, like glass breaking in a spider's web, each fragment symbolises a lie, each crack a broken promise.

A person can only ever know the true feeling of their life shattering once they've been there. Once they've felt the heartbreak and witnessed the hurt, only then do they realise what it means to have their life fall to pieces. Olivia is one of those people. She knows what its like. Her life fell apart the moment her parents split up.


1. Minutes from Disaster

For Olivia Hayle it was just another ordinary, boring, average day. Like clockwork, she awoke at 7am and by eight-thirty she was in the car. The day at school was like any other. She laughed with friends and concentrated in lessons. She was a smart eleven year old. A stranger would see her as quiet, they would see a shy girl with bright green eyes that shine like emeralds. However, her family knew her as quietly confident and friendly. She was the trustworthy one, the one you would tell all your secrets and your biggest fears. Many admired her carefree attitude, she saw life in its best light and she radiated optimism.

Little did she know that a violent blow was about to be given. Little did she know that that blow would shattered her life. Little did she know that her life would never be the same.

Thirty minutes from disaster, the school bell rang, to a student, it was one of the happiest sounds of the entire school day. Olivia walked out of school, the wind blowing her hair behind her. The sun highlighted her natural blonde streaks, the dazzling light making them shimmer, contrasting her long, wavy, brunette locks. She giggled with her friends and went to the school gates. There she saw her mums car, a black Honda Accord, in the exact same place an normal. She said her goodbyes and ran to the car, "Hi mum!" She greeted and then they began to talk about the days' events as they embarked on their five minute journey.

Olivia lived in a small village where everyone knew each other. Her house was in a prestigious area of the village. It was a big four bedroom, three bathroom home with acres of land. Her bedroom was fit for a princess, with two walk-in wardrobes housing all of her clothes and toys. She couldn't dream of anything better. She shared the house with her mum, her dad and her baby brother. Her brother Thomas was just three years old and idolised his older sister.

Twenty minutes from disaster, she reached the front door of her house and entered it. She placed her bag in the hallway and then went into the kitchen to help her mum finish preparing tea. Her father would be home any minute. He just had to pick Thomas up from crèche first.

They placed the homemade lasagne in the oven and went their separate ways, her mum went to the office to sort out her dads things from his last business trip, while she went into the music room and picked up her guitar, it was white with a black edging. She strummed random chords, playing whichever came into her mind, soon she found herself lost in the music.

Ten minutes from disaster, she was pulled out of her trance by the sound of the door bell. She jumped up and carefully put her guitar back on the wall stand. Skipping to the door she already knew who it was, it was her dad. He would be carrying her brother so he would be unable to unlock the door or even reach his keys.

She unlocked the door, unknowingly lighting the fuse.

"Daddy!" She exclaimed, she was definitely a 'daddy's girl'.

Her father smiled, "Nice to see you Livvy!" They hadn't see each other for a week, her dad had been down in London on business. He wrapped his arms around Olivia, sandwiching Thomas between them.

Thomas giggled, "'Ivia! Your cwushing me!" He couldn't quite manage to pronounce her name yet.

"Sorry Tommy!" Olivia apologised, the toddler smiled at the nickname, she was the only one to call him Tommy. Even if someone else tried to call him that he wouldn't answer, that was Olivia's name for him.

The father and daughter released the hug and the three strode into the living room and flopped down onto the sofa, exaggerating a sigh. There was a lighthearted wrestle for the remote but Olivia held it up triumphantly as she changed it to a funny cartoon.

One minute from disaster, they were all engrossed in the cartoon, laughing at the silly attics of the characters. They could smell the lasagne causing their mouth to water, but little did they know that no one would be eating lasagne tonight.

All of a sudden the wooden double doors burst open, jolting Olivia and Thomas from happiness, they turned around, almost in sync, tears threatening to fall from Thomas' eyes as his little lip quivered.
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