Letters from Lexi.

After being cheated on, Lexi didn't know where to turn but a bar. After those shots she never knew that night would mean so much. Putting the pieces together, she leaves a letter everywhere she goes to anybody to prepare for writing school. Lets see where this takes us...


1. Letters from Lexi.

It was pouring down rain in Ireland. Water flooding the streets but I didn’t care, I just walked in on my boyfriend, Justin Bieber, cheating on me with Selena Gomez. He didn’t hear me nor saw me but I left him a letter telling him I’m never coming back and we were over, obviously. It was sad to say that it was our 2 year anniversary and catching him cheating on me was horrible. I walked to the nearest English bar, “I need a couple of shots.” I ordered. The blonde man with wonderful blue eyes just shook his head okay and began making the drinks. One he finished he slid them to me, “down in the dumps too?” He asked.
“You too?” I said cocking my arm and taking the shot.
“Yeah, what’s wrong with you? Why should Justin Bieber’s girlfriend be upset?” He asked a little curious.
“I use to be. 2 years and that little fuck cheated on me. And to top it’s Selena Gomez and she’s gorgeous. I guess I could see why.” I said placing my head down on the Bart’s counter.
“That’s fucked up. A beautiful girl like you should be treated right.” He said making a small gesture towards me.
“I’m Aimee, but just call me Lexi.” I said trying to smile.
“I’m Niall. But you can call me Niall.” He said laughing.
“Oh you’re funny! I like that.” I said laughing at his stupidity.
“I’m almost off if you want to get some more drinks and get to know each other a little more.” Niall said smiling.
“I’d like that. Maybe it’ll get my mind off things.” I said tracing the top of the shot glass.
Shot after shot was taken while you got to know Niall.
The next morning I wake up in just my Superman pull over and I’m a stranger’s bed. I turn to my right and I notice Niall is sound asleep shirtless. I look around the room and clothes are everywhere on the floor. The bed sheets are crumbled up and messy. I look for pen and paper and write, “Niall,
I know it was a weird way of meeting me, and I don’t remember last night but, I’m leaving back to the states today around four and I doubt you’ll be up by then. So this is it this is goodbye. I’m sorry I’m telling you like this. I can’t remember what happened but I remember we kissed. It was something magical. It was something beautiful. But you deserve someone good to you. Good bye.
I picked up my clothes and placed them back onto my body and went back to the hotel where I had to face Justin in order to get my things back…
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