Gaurdian Angel

the day one direction was offered a record deal from simon cowell they thought that someone must really like them up there. little did they know someone really did. Ellie one of the gaurdian angels from heaven has always had a thing for musicians. Thats why she made sure that those boys dreams came true. But what happens when one day the big guy starts second guessing his decision? will ellie be able to keep the biys dreams alive?


3. Stranger

Liam's POV

  im hungry. maybe i can convince the boys to go out. hah what am i saying. i dont have to convince them! "hey anyone in the mood for nandos?" i wait for the wild fire to start.

 "YES." niall yells. "foooooood sounds pretty good" whispers harry with his eyes still closed. so he wasnt sleeping? " ya i could eat." shrugs zayn. "how bout you louis?" i ask already knowing the awenser. "as long as there are carrots!!!!" knew it.


    "I get to driiiivve!!!!" shouts louis as he hopps into the car. we all pile in and start to pump up the radio. "Dont you worry dont you worry child!!!! see heaven has a plan for yoooou!!!!" we start to harmonize until we just start straight up screaming.


    as we get into the parking lot of the resturaunt i see a beautiful girl walking by in a pink and yellow flower sun dress. i notice all the boys have seen her too cause they are all staring. she looks over  and her blond hair flips around to show a dazziling smile  and bright blue eyes. she waves at us and then walks off leaving us stunned.


    "wow" we all say at the same time.


Harry's POV

i cant even focus on my food. that girl was gorgeous. no, more than that. she was beautiful. after  dinner i was in a haze. remembering her face. when i suddenly saw it.

   she was running with a man hot on her tail.i started running torwards them trying to save her. it started to rain. i heard everyone else start running too.

      they turned into an alley and i saw the man catch up to her and throw her down on the filthy ground. By the time the boys and i run up to him he had already hit the girl across the face.

    i punched him in the face. but it didnt even faze him. he just turned and ran. i was going to run off after him but zayn stopped me.

    i looked down at the girl and kneeled to see her at eye level. a bruise was already forming under her right eye. "are you ok?" niall asked from behind me. "i-i dont know." she stuttered scared. "do you have anywhere you need us to take you? to be safe?" asked zayn compastionatly. "no." she barely whispered. would you like to stay with us?" liam said in his kindest voice. she just nodded her head. "whats your name love?" i finally asked.  "Ellie." she replied.

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