Gaurdian Angel

the day one direction was offered a record deal from simon cowell they thought that someone must really like them up there. little did they know someone really did. Ellie one of the gaurdian angels from heaven has always had a thing for musicians. Thats why she made sure that those boys dreams came true. But what happens when one day the big guy starts second guessing his decision? will ellie be able to keep the biys dreams alive?


4. so cute

Ellie's POV

i felt terrible. i had just lied. right to their faces. how could i? well at least my plan worked. now all i have to do is watch their behavior to prove they should keep this life.

     after agreeing to stay with them i went into their car and it was complete awkward silence except for the few sniffles i managed to make. when we got to the house i already knew where everything was from watching over them but somehow i managed to pull off being lost.

    niall put his hand at the small of my back and gently led the way through the house showing me where everything was while all theother boys sat i the front watching the telly. he led me to where i recognized as his mothers room.

     "you can sleep in here now. if you want." i just looked around feeling empty. it was so weird being able to be touched, to be seen, to feel hungry, to be exaughsted from the tiring long day.

     i looked at the bed longingly but my wet sticky clothes were so uncomfortable i knew i wwouldnt be able to fall asleep. "is everything alright?" the blond boy asked me concerned. "yea. its just that um..."

    i totally was not used to asking people for thinggs. i usually am fine just being there not needing things. i didnt know how hard it was to be human. "what is it?" he asked again. "these clothes are... a bit uncomfortable." i was so shy and silly. it was embarrassing. i felt my cheeks warm. oh god this was weird.


Niall's POV

 oh my god she was adorable. so polite and shy. and the way she looked in those wet clothes.......STOP. what is wrong with me!? i dont even know her! niall get yourself under contol!!

  "these clothes are... a bit uncomfortable." so cute. she was blushing now. this was too much i had to get out and soon.

     "there are some clothes in the drawers and closet if you like." she went over to the drawers and opened the first one at the top. she reached in and pulled out a lacey red bra. she just stared at it while i tryed to figure out something to say.

   " you dont have to wear that!" i said quickly.  "um. ok." she put it back and headed over to the closet and picked out sweat pants and a white t shirt. she started to get undressed. "WHOA. wait till i leave please!!" i turned around my ears were on fire. "im so sorry! i guess im just a little tired." she rushed. "i-its ok" so adorable.

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