Gaurdian Angel

the day one direction was offered a record deal from simon cowell they thought that someone must really like them up there. little did they know someone really did. Ellie one of the gaurdian angels from heaven has always had a thing for musicians. Thats why she made sure that those boys dreams came true. But what happens when one day the big guy starts second guessing his decision? will ellie be able to keep the biys dreams alive?


1. Miracle


Ellie's POV

"The ones going home tonight direction.

my heart sank down to my stomach. no. it cant be. they have to make it! my mind was racing a million miles a minute. I had looked after these boys through every step of the way and now they were leaving? Sure no body ever saw me heal harry when he got sick or when i helped them remember the lyrics on stage but i had to. even if they werent the ones i was supposed to look after. I was supposed to help little miss cher lloyd but i knew she didnt need my help. she had it in the bag from the start.

  i glanced back at my loving boys and saw harry break down. i couldnt take it. i had to ask god for help. he had to help me. after all im the top gaurdian angel. iv been here forever.

   with that i took one last look at the boys and flew up back into the sky to make a miracle. 



Author's note

sorry bout the short chapter!!



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