Gaurdian Angel

the day one direction was offered a record deal from simon cowell they thought that someone must really like them up there. little did they know someone really did. Ellie one of the gaurdian angels from heaven has always had a thing for musicians. Thats why she made sure that those boys dreams came true. But what happens when one day the big guy starts second guessing his decision? will ellie be able to keep the biys dreams alive?


5. horror movie

Zayn's POV

 i cant believe we are watching paronormal activity 4. i already thought that the first 3 were bad but this one? come on. not even scary. though liam and niall seem to think diffrently. ugh. i wish that girl would come down to make this at least a little interesting.

   as if on cue ellie walks right in. only in a see through white t shirt with nothing underneith. i manage to hide my smirk buut harry not so much. liam was just staring stunned. niall was a deep crimson and looking at a wall. louis just gaped.

     "what are you guys doin?" she says inocently. oh. my. god. "uh, watchin a movie." harry says with a chesire cat grin. "can i watch it too?" she was considerate. considering how she was dressed.

   "of course." i reply since no one else would. harry was actually starting to drool. i made room for her on the couch between me and liam. she sat down and i saw liam looking too despise him trying to hide it. i grab a blanket and wrap it around her.

    "thank you." she smiles genuinly. dont let that get to you zayn. shes probably just another sicho fan.


       as we continued the movie ellie seemed to tense up. she eventually went into the fetal position and started to whimper. liam was obviosly trying not to get overwhelmed so i wrapped an arm around her. she pushed her head into my chest. when the movie got louder she covered her ears and shook her was kinda......nice. she was really warm and smelled of lemon. we were technecly cuddling. maybe she wasnt so bad.

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