Gaurdian Angel

the day one direction was offered a record deal from simon cowell they thought that someone must really like them up there. little did they know someone really did. Ellie one of the gaurdian angels from heaven has always had a thing for musicians. Thats why she made sure that those boys dreams came true. But what happens when one day the big guy starts second guessing his decision? will ellie be able to keep the biys dreams alive?


6. good night

Liam's POV

at the end of the movie almost everyone was asleep. except for the frightened niall and zayn who was staring right at ellie. his eyes were full of something  i havent seen in them before. at least not this intense. it wasnt luster or hunger. it looked like love.

     that is not going to happen. " hey i should probably take her upstairs to an actual bed now" i say standing up and stretching. "thats ok mate i got her" said zayn not looking up. i was getting frustrated so i just picked her up like a bride and started walking before he could retailiate.

    she didnt even stir as i sat her down on the bed. she must have been really tired. and why wouldnt she? she seems like shes been through a lot.

    i pulled the covers over her and made sure she was cozy. i stopped just to look at her. her thick eyelashes were so pretty. the mark under her eye didnt even faze the flawlessness of her skin. her blond hair was coming out in waves around her shoulders.she was perfect.

       maybe even more perfect than daniel was. dont bring her up. not now. i feel a tear or two fall from my cheek and onto the bed. god damnet.

    her eyes fluttered open. she looked at me somehow knowing why i was crying and just embraced me. i was so tired of holding it all in. i let it all out in my tears. i was balling now. right in front of this gorgeous girl.


Ellie's POV

he needs this. hes been needing this since he and daniele broke up. i realized that i had to be something for every boy. for liam it was a shoulder to cry on. i didnt know about the other guys but i waas happy just sitting with liam in my arms. just for now at least.



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