Need you

Ok well I had writin it be before so I'm just gonna past what I got so far hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!
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1. All at once. Sorry

It was hot June in England I was playing volleyball with my best friends that are also my roommates. As we played our radio on we would sing along to the songs playing. And when my friends songs would come on that we're one direction songs they would sing even louder making sure I heard them and making sure that they would hear them also since they lived next door. Yeah one direction living next to us was the worst thing I could even imagine. Just reminding me that they lived there made me mad.

Just because they were famous and stuff they were all stuck up and mister perfect. And since they were guys every night they would have there fun with other girls witch that would be my friends. and well me i would just stay home or go to my mothers house or some were that I could feel better.

Tonight the girls and I were having a party with our family and friends and the girls wanted to invite them and I didn't even argue with them I just told them that I didn't want them in my room. They all agreed and kept doing what they were doing.

Since we had finished cleaning and cooking and decorating we were just playing volleyball.
It was my turn to serve the ball I got in my position and hit the ball.
Ally hit it but it didn't make it over so Kathy slapped it over and it came towards me as I did the same that Kathy had done it actsudently went over the fence and into the neighbours back yard and since I had hit it over they made me go over there and get it so I walked towards the front house walked into there's without them noticing me. Well that's what I hoped I slightly opened there gate that headed to the back yard and walked to the back I looked around and spotted the ball I quickly walked towards it and went to grab it.
I quickly bent down and grabbed the ball. I saw some white converse at the end of the ball. I quickly got up a bit scared. I looked at his eyes that were very bright I smiled and looked away.
"Um I was just getting the ball that we had slammed over here."As soon as I said we Destiny Yelled back. "You slammed it over there bel."I looked back at the fence and yelled back "shut up Destiny."
I looked at the ball playing with it in my hands. I heard him chuckle....I felt is chuckle vibrated thru my body.
"It's ok love."he said as he bent over to look at my eyes.
"Love?"how the h*ll is he saying 'love' to me without even knowing me I felt hot and angry.
"What's wrong with the word love?"he asked putting his hands in his front pockets. "I'm not your love your just a big flirt and that doesn't work on me Harry it might work on my friends but not with me so don't even think about it." As I said while pocking my index finger towards his hard chest.
I turned around to walk away but was pulled back.
My body was pressed to his my hands were on his arms the ball fell out of my hands my face inches from his face my heart rate got faster my chest rising at a fast unstoppable speed. I tried pulling away from him but he just grabbed me tighter and closer to his face.
"Let go of me."I mumbled with my teeth shut I saw that he liked doing this to me even though it was the first time he had touched me. "Why do I have to let go when I have the perfect time to..." Before I let him finished up his sentence I covered my hand over his mouth." Don't dare you even think about doing that to me Harry."I felt his lips kiss the palm of my hand I let go of his lips that had a smile on it spread from dimple to dimple.
I tried pulling away but he pressed my head on his and kissed me. I stayed there for a while waiting for him to stop I couldn't do much just wiggle around I actually kissed him back but stopped kissing him. He finally stopped and let me go. I pushed him in disbelieve I lifted my hand to slap him but some one grabbed my hand from the back of me I looked back and it was Tanisha holding my hand.
"Let go of me Tanisha."
I growled at her with other hand trying to pull away.
"Bel lets go."she said yanking my arm towards her. She grabbed the ball with her other hand and held me tight like I was a little girl or some thing.

I got home and yanked my hand out of her grip and ran up stairs to my room. I locked it and closed every window and balcony French door.
I laid in my bed thinking of what had happened.
After a while I fell to a deep sleep.

-......-I was awaken by my mothers voice and my little sister pulling my hair.
I opened my eyes and smiled just seeing them there. I hugged my mom tightly. "The girls told me what happened to you earlier today. You wanna talk about it."my mothers said concerned pulling away from the hug.
My smile than became a frown I played around with my little sister trying to ignore the statement she had made
"Bel I'm still here."she said keeping the conversation going on.
"Mom he kissed me I tried not to kiss back but I did I stopped quickly when I felt what I was doing I tried slapping him but Tanisha had to get in my way. I...I...didn't know what to do I was burning in flames. "
I looked at her with hate in my eyes but not because of her but because of Tanisha. She always gets in my way that's the most that I hate about her she thinks she's better then every one but she not she's the biggest slutty bitch I have ever seen in my life. I felt tears in my eyes I looked at my sister who was laughing.

"Bel I understand how you feel but you can't let your mind
get the best of you hun maybe he just wants oh I don't know maybe talk to you get to know you better he probably likes you and you never have gave him a chance to even speak to you. You have to be strong I know you don't want to be with any one since Tomas did what he did to you but there are better guys out there you just have to look for them and try loving them even if they brake your heart you keep strong and keep looking."

"I know mom I know I should take a shower "I said as I got up and kissed my sisters forehead.
"Ok you do that and I'll be down stairs."she answered as she grabbed my sister and walked over to me and kissed my forehead.
As she made her way to the door she looked at me and said "put some thing attracting bel."she smiled and shut the door.
I took a deep breathe and looked in my closet a tight black short dress with a white line going from the top of my right side chest to the bottom right side of my thy I grabbed my black and white pumps and my under wear I walked into my bath room and took a shower in the cold fresh water.
I stept out of the shower and in to my room I slipt the dress on and and did my hair I let it down in curly layers.
I put some lip gloss and a bit of eye shadow. I put my pumps on and looked at my self in the mirror.

-.......-I had a cup with some don-Q and orange juice in a cup. There were a lot of people here. I was happy being here with my friends and family the girls were out side with the guys. I walked out to the back yard to ask if they wanted to drink a shot of 'Tequila Rose'.
The girls oviaslly Said yes I served the drink i asked the guys and they also said yes but only if I had one with them. The girls pleased me I rolled my eyes and also served one for me.
"Ok 1.2.3 go."after I said that everyone drank it. I looked at every one who had made funny faces. I started to laugh at all of them. "You had to see your face this is a girl drink and you can't take it."I said laughing at all of them.
I sat down next to all of them.
"Oh yeah then serve us up another one and you to and see if we can handle this girl drink love."as I heard the word love him knowing what I had told him later before that day I smiled and giggled just forgetting about it not wanting to argue any more with them.
"Fine Baby boy."I said serving all of us another one.
Everyone looked at me surprised knowing that I never had talked to them like that. I smiled and giggled a bit "what did I say something wrong."
"No not at all its just that I never knew you were a person with joy."Louis said making everyone laugh.
"We'll you don't know a person till you talk to them right."
"Yeah or you kiss him."Kathy said. I looked at her and looked at the guys they were all about to laugh at Kathy's comment.
"Oh my gosh you people can't make any thing a secret gosh."I said laughing at my own comment.

-........-it's was 4am and the guys were still there with us
We weren't drunk or high or any thing we were just talking and playing around.
As I looked at Destiny whispering into Zayn's ear he nodded and whispered something into her ear that made her blush like crazy.
"We'll guys were gonna go know goodnight."Kathy said with Zayn's hands on her hips making it obioassly what they were going to do.
"Have fun!"I chuckled a bit.
"Hey wait what about me I want some to."Liam said ducking his head in ally's neck.
"Us too."Louis and Niall pouted.
I looked at Harry and got up and sat on his lap and whispered into his. "How about you do you want to get some sex."
"Of course I would love to make you feel like a queen."he said smiling.
His hands on my bare sink goose bumps making there way thru my body.
Ok I admit it I was abut drunk but I knew what I was doing and saying. I looked around us and every one had gone up stairs to there rooms.
I giggled and laid my hand on his cheek rubbing my thumb over his cheek.
"Are you sure you wanna go this far with me?"He asked making his way up my dress. I bit my lips and whispered to his hear."I wanna see how it feels to be loved at least one more time."
"Why make it once when you can be mine for ever."he said a bout to kiss my lips. I was a bit astonished at what he had said.
I got up and put my hand in front of him to grab it he did grab it but he didn't stand up he just made me fall on him again. "You want to have it here or at my place?" He asked me.
"Your place."I whispered at him.
We got up and helped me up. We walked outside and towards the guys house.

I walked to the door as he opened it I went to step a foot in but didn't succeed. I was all ready lifted up in bridal way.
His right arm under my legs and his left hand in my back. I rapt my hands round his neck and slowly kisses his lips. I pulled away and found my self in the entrance to the house he had closed the door and started to walk up to his room.
He opened his door and shut it just in case.
He locked it and lied me down on his bed. He kissed my lips gently his tongue making it's way to my mouth. I playfully bit his lips and sucked on his bottom lips.
He kissed my neck and pulled me up with my back facing his chest he un zippered my dress while kissing my neck small moans escaping my wet lips.
I pushed my hand onto his t shirt and took it off. He grabbed my breast and whispered to me the words"I wanna make you fell good make you forget the world."
I answered back to him with "I want you to make me forget the reason why I stopped loving can't you do that for me as well?"
"I can do anything for you love."I smiled at his answer and turned around to face him. I pushed him down onto the bed and said with a cheeky dirty smile."then lets begin !"
He smiled and grabbed my hips.
I slowly un buckled his pants and slid them down till I took it off.
He reach towards my back pulling me down to him.
He slowly took my brae off and said as he cupped them in his hands. "There a bit to big but the bigger the better he said playfully. I gasped and slapped his chest softly I sat up and crossed my arms around my chest and turned around. He quickly got up and rapped his hands around my body." I was jocking with you babe there perfect."
He kissed my neck and turned me over pushing me towards the bed.
"Now I'm gonna take your bottoms off to grant your wish."he said placing his hands on my under wear
"Wait I want to go first."I said holding his hands in place. "Fine with me."he said as he got up from the bed.
I got up behind him and placed my hands on his Tommy Hilfiger black under wear. I slowly took them off as I looked at him. I looked down and moaned. "You like what you see love."I looked at him with my lips in between my teeth. I made a little "mhm" I grabbed it and pumped it he would moan until he said I can't hold any longer bel I have to do some thing to it."he whispered to me. I slowly pushed him towards the bed and began to pleasure him orally he would moan and gasp my name over and over again.

After a bit I stopped at him telling me to stop. I sat up and licked my lips as I looked at him. He chuckled and pulled me towards him. He kissed me passionately "you were amazing bel I thought it was gonna be different."he mumbled the last word.I kissed his cheek and whispered the words "thank you."
He pinned me to the bed and pulled my under wear off and pushed in his index finger. I moaned lightly. He slipped it back out and pushed my legs open for more access he bent down and played around with it I would moan every know and then till I felt some thing wet and cold slip into me. I looked down and pushed his curls away and saw his tongue in there I felt him bite a bit. I moaned very load and lifted my back off the bed. "Harry."I calmly yelled I felt his lips grin. He looked up and winked at me and sat up. He licked his lips mocking my same action I had down. He chuckled and came up to me and kissed me my hands were guided up to his curls pulling softly my left hand slid down his back pushing my fingers and nails on his back. "Protect or your safe."he mumbled while kissing me.
"Safe."I tried saying he laughed and said "good cause I ran out of them since the guys used them all up."
I laughed and pulled my hands from his hair and back.
He grabbed my hands pinning them down untwined with his.
"Ready love?"he said looking at me.
"Harry I was born ready."I said grinning. He raised his eye brows and said "oh really well we will see about that love."

He grabbed my left hip making sure I wouldn't move away.
As soon as he pushed it in I felt a urge of energy shoot around my body he slid back out and pushed harder. I tried holding in every thing I could till he repeated the same action but much harder I moaned a bit loud. "Harry!"He smiled and bent over to me and said good you like it hard babe.i could barley speak so I just said a small "I told you."he then fasted his speed till I heard the bed make noise he grabbed the bed border and kept getting faster.I couldn't stop moaning it was something I couldn't stop like other times. "Harryyy!". As his speed slowed down my moans were quieter he began to make very hard moans that roared thru his room I grabbed the beds sheets and lifted my chest up from the bed I tried pushing back down but nothing would happen I pulled the sheets harder I finally laid my back down he stopped but we were still connected he laid on me and whispered in my ear. "I have waited so much to do this to you bel,since the first day I saw you I had the urge to have you to my self and only you right here like this making you scream my name over and over again."
I didn't know what to say but blush.
"Now my real question did I make you forget all that you wanted to forget?"he mumbled biting my neck.
I smiled and whimpered the words. "You made me forget what I asked for and much more."he pulled away from my neck and smiled at me.
"Glad I could pleasure you babe."he said with a smile slapped across his face.
As he kept doing what he was doing I tried not to scream knowing what he was doing on it. Till he bit real hard.
"Owwww fuck Harry that fucking hurt."I pushed him off of me placing my other hand on the pounding throbbing skin. I squinting my eyes shut he slowly grabbed my hand and quietly said "let me see."I pushed him away and walked to what looked like a bathroom I looked for a light switch and looked at it in mirror. I looked at my self in the mirror till Harry came up to me from behind wrapping his arms around me.
"I'm sorry bel."he whispered kissing the place he had just hurt a couple of minutes ago. "It's ok just be a bit careful I didn't moan cause probably people were sleeping bye know it like 6 in the morning Harry ." I hugged his arms that were rapped around me. He nodded and whispered "lets go to bed love."
I turned the bathroom light off and walked to the bed still rapped around his arms.
I laid down and kissed him slowly and softly.
"Goodnight."I mumbled pulling away from his lips.
"Night love."Harry answered back while pulling me towards his body.

-........-"no I wasn't."
"Yes you were !"
"Whatever I know I wasn't."
"And I known you were."
We were in Starbucks and Zayn was fighting with Harry cause Zayn said that he saw Harry checking out the maid. And Harry say no but I don't care.
"Bel right I wasn't looking?"I smiled and said while grabbing his face. "Harry I don't care if you did. Plus I didn't see you."
He let a heavy breathe and grabbed my hands and kissed them. "But I didn't I truly didn't."
"Ok I believe that what you want to hear?"I kissed his cheek and looked at him.
"Do me 2 favors love...,please."he looked at me with hope in his eyes I let a gasp out.
"What is it my curly fry?"I chuckled and sat up.
"Kiss me and tie your hair up so every one can see that your mine."
I looked at him in his eyes knowing what he wanted me to.
"Destiny let borrow a hair band." She handed one. I got up and walked to the bathroom and made myself a pony tail. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought about mostly every I could and especially of Harry. I actually never kissed a boy in public and I was a bit scared. But what scared me the most is that he's not any boy he's The Harry Styles From One direction. I was getting nervous the door opened I looked back to see Ally.
"Bel are you ok?"her innocent voice said as her head peaked thru the door.
"Oh yeah just nervous."
"Let me check it out."she said waking over to me.
"Dammm Bel that's huge the maid is totally gonna be pissed off."
"You think so?"
"I don't think....,I know come on!"
Her hand grabbed my wrist pulling me towards her.
I walked out and looked at Harry that had a huge smile on his face I smiled back and made my way over to him.
He opened his leg's placing me between his thighs.
"I like it!"he said as he smiled I sat on his left leg and looked at the maid and looked at Harry he scooped my hair to the side were I didn't have the hickey on. I smiled and placed my lips on his making sure the maid got the message.

I pulled away and quickly said
"I wanna go home now."
He grabbed my hand and wrapped his hand round me and whispered in my ear."let's go babe." He got up and walked next to me with our hands in twined.
Every one followed behind paying.
I had made my way to the guys car.i was leaning on the car waiting for the rest of the girls to come out with the guys. Harry had is hands round my waist playing with my belt hoops.
I giggled as he tried to lift me up with them. He did but let go quickly
Because they could brake.
The guys came over with the girls. They all had cheeky smiles on there face. "What's so funny?"Harry asked shoving his curls to the side. Well we have a phone number for you Harry...."I looked at Harry and scoffed at him."but I didn't do any thing bel."
"And we have a number,house address,face book and twitter account for you bel."I looked at Louis in disbelieve. I snatched the paper from his hands and looked at it.
"Oh and I'm the bad guy."Harry pouted while he crossed his arms pushing away from his hug.
"Your mad at me.! I exclaimed. He didn't answer me so I opened the car door and sat in the back of the car. I shut the car door and scrolled thru my twitter trying to take this drama out of my mind.
-.......-I jumped out of the car and into my house. I didn't even bother locking my bed rooms door. Knowing that they were gonna un lock it any ways.
I took my pants off and laid there with my laptop on my stomach I scrolled around twitter and heard my door slightly open. Destiny was standing in my door way.
"What is it destiny?"I mumbled still looking on twitter.
I felt my bed rise and lower again,I looked down at her and she had jumped on my bed and poked her head around my laptop. "Whatcha doing?"
"What does it look like I'm doing."I said with a grin on my face.
"We'll any ways the guys are going to there private beach house for a couple of days and well invited us!"Destiny was know hovering over me with a smile on her face. I looked up at her and looked her with a and what do you want me too do."since when do you tell me were your going."I said with a little chuckle at the end.
"Your retorted...I'm saying that they invited you dumbo."
"Hey I'm not a dumbo nor retorted and tell them thank you but I'm staying home."I felt Destiny get a little fustrated and left leaving the door open. Ten minutes later all of the girls came running in snatching my laptop from my lap and started to stare at me like if I were some idiot.
"What is it?"I said sitting up.
"Why are you not going to the guys private beach house?"Ally quickly said taping her fingers on the top of my laptop.
"Cause I don't want to go is there something wrong with saying no."I scoffed back at them.
"Of course there is you have met them all ready I would understand if you haven't met them but you know them and you had sex with one of them all ready and you have kissed him several times."Kathy know said that looking straight to my eyes. "But I don't want to see him."I pouted.
"We'll dont but you can make him want you helloooo there's beach in the word private beach house."tanisha said smiling. You see I like this tipe of her. I know I had a smile on my face.
"I like Tanisha's idea."I said hugging her arm.
"So your going then."Ally asked
"Heck yeah!!"I shouted. We all hugged and they went back downstairs. I knew the girls had told the guys that I was going cause Harry screamed yes but didn't finish cause I heard some one slap him.
I was getting thirsty so I walked down stair and walked to the lounge and heard Harry talk about me. I could believe he felt those things for me. But now I had a grates idea knowing that he couldn't stop thinking of me. I walked thru the lounge were they were all silent and walked to the kitchen. I grabbed a glass of apple juice and a plate with some Oreos. I walked thru them and heard Harry say "I love you."
I rolled my eyes and stuck the middle finger at him. Every one laughed I then turned around and said yeah me too. I walked back up stairs and slammed the door shut.

-.......-I was putting my bathing suit on to go to the water since the girls wanted to go skinny dipping with guys. Actually that was my plan but they told the guys they wanted to do it. I finished putting my bathing suite on and grabbed my towel and walked down stair. I walked out side and saw that they were all getting nude I took my bathing suite off and walked right in. The girls were smiling like crazy. I swimmed father to then right and looked the other way so that way i wouldn't be looking at them. 2minutes past and I felt something behind me. I looked back and found Harry. So far my plan is working. I knew he was hard cause he would push our body's together but I would push back away. "Why are you still mad at me?"he asked quietly
"You were the one who didn't believe me when I asked you and I even did what you wanted and yet you were pissed off for some thing I had no idea of who the heck was the guy."I looked away trying to make little contact. "I'm sorry I didn't...I just......I'm sorry love.......oh and just incase I know what your up to and I'm not falling for it."I smiled and looked in the water not seeing any thing. Well my plan was ruined I guess I could just stop or make him want me even more.
I grabbed his dick and pumped it he moaned softly so the others wouldn't hear. Till I pulled it harder
He screamed and I looked behind his curls and saw that the guys didn't hear him. I Got closer to Harry and smiled evilly. He kinda knew what I was doing to him so he pulled my hands away. I smiled and turned to swim back to shore but he grabbed me from behind and pulled our body's together. His right hand on my waist holding me tight his left hand between my thighs going straight to my centre his head leaned over my left side with my head tilted to the right. He kissed my neck and whispered to my ear "you now your not getting away with this right."I smiled and acted like if was pouting"what are you gonna do slap my ass?"
"Maybe or I could do this." As he said the word this he stuck his index finger in me I moaned. "And you know I can make you scream harder and harder and harder babe."he added on kissing my neck.
"Whatever."I exclaimed as if I didn't care. He stuck his finger out and stuck 2 fingers I grabbed his hand and tried pulling it out but no luck. The only way of getting out would be turning around to face him and that would make me scream even louder but I had to get out of his reach so I bit my lips and turned around I yelled knowing that What He wanted. He laughed and said a small"I told you!"
I pushed his fingers out. I looked at him with big bold brown eyes. His green eyes darkened and his smile became a chuckle. "Your paying for that."I said pointing my fingers to his chest." Two can play that game babe."
"We'll see about that."and with that I swam back to shore and rapped my towel around me and pick my bikini from the ground.
I walked straight to the bathroom and took a shower letting the hot water hit my bare skin. I heard a snap shot of a camera but ignored it. I turned the shower off and grabbed a new towel and rapped my self in it. I walked to my bed room and put some under wear on. I grabbed my cell phone and laid on my bed calling my mother.

Harry pov
I saw bel walk to her room and shut the door. I leaned over to the door try to hear what she was doing.
I then heard her speak....I think she was on the phone........with her mom. Her voice then got quite. I could barley hear her. Till she yelled the word no I'm not. I wanted to know what wasn't she. I looked at the door knob and turned it poking my head thru the door way. She only had her panties and brae on I smiled and walked in. Slowly closing the door shut I crawled under her bed. She then said my name and told her mom what She felt for me. She then said "I love him but he probably just wants to have a bit of fun and that's all."
"No I don't."I protested and covered my mouth with my hands and widened my eyes. I felt the bed move and saw her head dangling over the bed. She smiled and said"what are you doing under there?get out of there." I slid back out and smiled at her appearance. "Mom I gotta go."she hung her phone and said "what is it"
"Oh nothing I just wanted to see you and I got here just in time."I skimmed thru her body and bit my bottom lip."we'll you saw me know what do you want?"I knew exactly what I wanted. "Your body against Mine." I leaned in and kissed her making her lay on her bed. "Want to?"I asked as I felt her kiss back.she maid a little mmh and slipt her hand in my curly hair pushing me against her. I undid her brae and sucked on them lightly. She took my pants off which was the only thing I had on. She pushed me on the bed and sucked on it.

Bels pov
I couldn't help my self it was a need I didn't know why but he was some thing I needed by my side. I sucked on his erotic every know and then licking the head and leaving wet tracks of my tongue on it. He moaned hard I grabbed his balls and sucked harder he groaned in pleaser and moved his hips around. I let go and looked at him he smiled and told me to come up to him. I did as told and kissed him. He pushed me to the side and whispered in my ear "you got a condom?"I nodded and moved to my near by drawer as I did he took my panties off. I handed him a condom and watched as he slipped it on. I bit my lips and spread my legs to the sides of him. He kissed my stomach and pushed in to me making me moan.
The door swung opened I heard a "heeeeey......sorry!!." Harry chuckled and kissed me. He pulled out and told me to see What They wanted. I got up rapping a sheet on my body.
I opened the door finding them frozen. "Hey what's wrong."I looked at them and they all were smiling. "We were planing to have a movie night but we can see your to busy."they started to laugh making me blush like crazy. "Okay okay I get it we'll be there in less than a hour."I smiled they laughed harder. "Sure whatever make sure you both get dresses before coming down stairs."I looked at Tanisha not knowing what the heck was she talking about. I waved bye and walked in the bed room again. Harry looking at me smiling. I walked to the end of the bed and took the sheet off. He sat up and opened his arms for me to come to him. I crawled over to him. In twinned our hands together and kissed him passionately he liked my lips wanting to get access in my mouth.
I denied the access and pull away. He smirked at me and pulled me to kiss me again trying to access mouth but I denied. He pulled away and grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him. "Why can't I access?"he asked trying to make a statement. I smiled and cupped his face in my hands. "I knew you were gonna protest. I pecked his lips quickly. "The girls and the guys are having a movie night and there waiting I told them that we were gonna be there in less than a hour."
I smiled and he pinned me on the bed."so where were we.?"he smiled slipping his dick in my center. I yanked him towards me and kissed him giving access into my mouth. He slipped out and in slowly. He then fastened his pace. I moaned harder he pushed his palms on the side of my bed. I gripped his neck pulling his ear to my plum lips. I opened my mouth. ""
His body was now slamming on me.pleaser filling me completely I couldn't hold much. I screamed low but my moans were something I couldn't hold in.
His moans and groans vibrated thru my body. Pleasure filled our body's . His pace started to slow now. After his body was frozen still over me I looked at him and shut my eyes. He grinned our hips together still connected with me. I moaned softer he started to kiss my collarbone making his way up to my neck then my jaw line and finally to my plum lips. " love you to much bel."he said quietly still kissing my lips.
"If you love me so much then why you get mad at me."I stated he pulled away from me and bit the inside of his cheek.
"I wanted to know if you were gonna be able to forget."he said looking into my eyes.
"So did you fine out?"I curiously asked him.
"Yes I did and No you wouldn't forget me."he chuckled his last words.
"Oh yeah wanna bet."I sat up and waited for him to answer me.
"I will win."he chanted. "So you wanna bet."I stated "I like to win a bet once in a while."
"Your so on styles."
"If I win no sex no nothing with your dick or my centre.Deal?"
"Deal,but if I win you have to let me do what ever I won't with your centre and my erotic.Deal?"
"Bet starts tomorrow."Harry said smiling.
"Why tomorrow?"I asked knowing why.
"I need to have a motivation don't I."
"Of course you do weakling."I smiled at his face posture.
"I don't care what you call me."
I moved closer to his face and kissed him very passionately. He did the same.
-...........-we were watching scary movies talking mostly and eating junk food I barley ate. I looked at the clock it red 11:27.
"Couple of minutes."I mumbled.
"Wanna go to bed?"he asked letting me know I could still have round two.
I smiled and got up from our comfy posture.

I got to my room kissing Harry all ready.
He laid me on the bed and took the t shirt I had on and my under wear I had on. Letting me take his shorts off. Only thing he had on. Typical of him.

I looked at the table clock every now and then.

12:00 i was to busy having fun with his erotic in my mouth. Maybe he wouldn't care or find out.
"You lost."he said like If he were reading my mind.
I bit softly really up set. He moaned and pushed me away from his erotic.

"Ouch!"he said
I looked away angry. "Hello you just bit my dick."

"I know what I did.."I crossed my arms and duck my head in my hands.
"Are you seriously mad cause you lost."he said hugging me.
"Babe I'm not gonna make you have sex if you don't want to."
"I know,I just like to win."
I smiled and kissed him.
"Yeah but your paying for that missy."
He pinned me to the bed and kissed me very crazily.

I woke up to the sound of the oceans waves crashed up shore. I opened my eyes to find it pouring outside,with lighting and thunder. I flinched at the thunder.
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