Ice Wars


3. 3

As Lauren finished up Karen and Kristi made their way out onto the ice to meet her. “Well you’ve definitely got raw talent Lauren, I’ll say that. But you do seem to rush your jumps a little bit, if you tuck your arms into your chest tighter you’ll get a better height in the jump and better accuracy with your landings.” Kristi said as Lauren returned from doing her routine.  
“Thank you…I think.” Lauren replied, coming to a stop in front of Karen and Kristi. “I guess I do rush, after I lost my last competition I lost confidence in myself too. I used to enjoy skating all of the more advanced stuff but now I just want my routine over as soon as possible.” She sniffed, briskly wiping away a tear that was threatening to trickle down her cheek. “I’m desperate to get back to how I was before!”
Karen put her arm around Lauren’s shoulders and gave her a reassuring hug. “You’re still the same girl deep down; we just need to get your confidence up in yourself and your abilities. Trust me I wouldn’t have asked Kristi here today if I didn’t have faith in you! Not one of my other students has the fire and potential I see in you.” Karen told her with a smile.
“Really? Wow, thank you coach!” Lauren said.

Lauren was so thrilled that Karen thought so highly of her and had invited Kristi that she really upped her game in that morning’s training session. Kristi constantly gave her advice and encouragement, often demonstrating exactly what she meant before getting Lauren to copy her. By the end of the session Lauren’s jumps had already improved drastically, and only in two hours! She was still having trouble perfecting her Lutz jump; it frustrated her that she still couldn’t get it right. “Argh! Why am I having such a problem with it? I’ve done it before but I just can’t get enough momentum going! I’ll never beat Meg at this rate!” Lauren huffed angrily.
Karen and Kristi looked at each other before Karen piped up. “Will you stop thinking about Megan?! She isn’t as fantastic as you seen to think she is, granted she has talent but you have talent and perseverance. If you stopped putting pressure on yourself you could easily ace anything I throw your way, forget about training for competition and just think of it as the fun hobby you love!”

“Yes ma’am!” Lauren giggled, her eyes glittering with laughter as she cheekily gave Karen a mock salute.  
“Go on, scoot! You’ve got work to do so I’m going to go and observe you from up there with Kristi.” Karen said, pointing up at the glass box above the seating that surrounded the rink.

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