Ice Wars


1. 1

It was 5:30am on Monday as Lauren pulled up at the ice rink, bleary eyed she locked her bike up to one of the many racks that were outside the building. Despite the early time there was a light on inside already and a car was already parked in the car park. Stifling a yawn she jogged up the front steps and walked inside the vast, cold building and headed towards the locker room. “Ugh, I really need new skates!” She muttered to herself as she tugged on her boots and laced them up. Stuffing her gear into the locker, she set off towards the rink. Out on the ice stood her instructor, Karen, who had set up some cones in a line across the ice. Sensing Lauren’s presence she looked up and beckoned for her to come over.
Gliding out on to the smooth, slick surface she had a puzzled look on her face. “Um coach? What’s with the cones? I thought we were going to start preparing my routine for sectionals today?!”
Karen smiled at her star pupil. “You need to work on your step sequences, besides it’s a good warm up! I want you to skate in between each cone and then come back again but miss out every other cone. Oh and one last thing, I’ve booked some ballet lessons for you,” She replied with a grin knowing how much Lauren hated the idea of having to do ballet to help her stay supple and improve her flexibility.
Throwing Karen a look, she groaned and set off towards the cones mumbling about how she didn’t need ballet lessons! “Come on Lauren. Bend your knees and push into your boots as you weave around,” continued Karen with a sigh. “If you focus all your energies into training hard and working out daily I’ll reconsider the ballet!”
That’ll make her up her game, thought Karen as she watched Lauren weave her way in and out if the cones. Skating over to Lauren, she collected up the cones before turning her attention back to the skater in front of her. “Okay, let’s move on. I want you to do a lap of the rink before coming back around and doing a sit spin.” Lauren was about to speak but Karen held up a hand to silence her. “Before you say anything I know this stuff is basic and you can do it, but you got way too cocky at your last competition. I saw Meg talking to you before you went out onto the ice,” She paused, raising an eyebrow at her student. “But you lost your cool so we’re bringing it back to basics and work towards building it all up into a routine. Okay?” Lauren nodded, knowing Karen was right. Her rivalry with Meg had reached fever pitch lately, but at her last competition she’d been so busy thinking about Meg that she’d stumbled and hit the ice, hard, sliding to a stop a few meters on. She did need to go back to the basics and get her confidence in herself back up. This time she was determined, come the next competition she was going to show everyone just what she was made of!


After her gruelling training session that morning, Lauren walked into school exhausted. Now after two hours of skating this morning, she had to face seven hours of school! Suddenly she heard a voice from behind her. “Lauren! Hey, wait for me!” She spun around to see her best friend, Jade, rushing along the hallway with her bag and dodging in and out of people.
 “Hey, are you okay? You look knackered!” Jade said as she hugged her friend and linked her arm through Lauren’s as they made their way towards their first lesson of the day. “Ugh, I am! I’ve been up since 5am, was at the rink for two hours training and now I’m here for seven hours of lessons!” Lauren finished with a sigh of resignation, plopping down into her seat and getting out her equipment.
“Oh right. You’re crazy waking up at that time, do you want me to start poking you if you fall asleep in class?” Jade burst into a fit of giggles as Lauren shot her a look and poked her tongue out.

By lunchtime Lauren had already fallen asleep twice and she still had just over two hours left to go! “Come on sleepyhead, let’s go get some lunch.” Jade said as she pulled Lauren into the dining hall and steered her over to a table. The pair sat down to eat their lunch, chatting about their weekend as they ate. Lauren and Jade were best friends and had been for quite a few years, Jade was also a very competent ice skater but she left the competing side to Lauren and often went along to give her friend moral support and help her get ready. The girls often spent all day together, and most people called them the ice twins. It had been a joke at first but soon it stuck and the girls laughed whenever someone called them it. Before long the bell rang again and they were off to face the afternoon’s lessons. Lauren groaned and picked herself up from the bench while she waited for Jade to put her rubbish in the bin. “Just two more lessons and I can finally go home,” thought Lauren as they both weaved their way in and out of kids who were still hanging around in the corridors. “I’ll see you in an hour Jade. I’ve got to go to class now but meet me here for next lesson?”
“Yeah sure, I’ll see you soon. Try not to actually fall asleep this time.” Jade laughed as she set off down the hall.

Walking into the classroom Lauren was so busy thinking about skating she almost went flying, looking up she saw what or rather who she had tripped on. Standing in front of her was a boy, he was tall and athletic looking with olive coloured skin that made it look like he’d just stepped right off a beach. Bending down he helped her pick up the books she had dropped, which now lay scattered in front of the teacher’s desk. “I’m so sorry! I was daydreaming and didn’t see you. Are you okay?” Lauren asked, looking directly at the boy who now held the books in his hand. “No it’s my fault, I bumped into you. I’m Sam by the way, I’ve just started here today,” he replied passing her the books.
“Hi Sam, I’m Lauren. Come on let’s go sit down, here comes Miss Dyer.” She said gesturing to the teacher who had just entered the room and was now clearing her desk.  After collecting his books from the teacher, Sam followed Lauren to the desk at the back of the room and sat down beside her.
So for the next hour the two of them chatted away happily whilst working on their assignments. Lauren sat listening as Sam told her all about how he’d lived in Australia since he was born but his family had all relocated to England just over a month ago. “Australia is an awesome place, especially if you like surfing! I used to surf a little bit but I prefer the water to be frozen,” Sam laughed, then explained that he was more of a skater than a surfer when he saw Lauren’s puzzled expression.
“Oh wow, you skate? Me too! Have you visited the local rink yet?” Lauren said as she continued to write.
“No, I haven’t. I don’t know where I’m going really! Maybe you can show me sometime?” Sam asked hopefully. Lauren just nodded. She didn’t trust herself to speak without sounding too eager at the prospect of spending more time with him. Luckily it was time for her last class so she waved goodbye to Sam and went outside to meet Jade.

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