My Step Brother Harry Styles

This is my first movella!! So this story is about this girl named Katie and she was adopted. Her foster parents has a son and his name is Harry. Katie has a boyfriend named Wade and let's just say Harry is jelous. Like I said this is my first movella so if you dont like it then please dont send me hate. Anyways hope you enjoy.


36. 36

~Two months later~

Katie's POV

Harry and I have been engaged for a few months now and we are kind of planning our wedding. We don't have a date yet but we know what kind of cake we are going to have and who the best man and maid of honor is. That's about it.

Wade and I have not talked seen the day I visited me in jail. Which I am ok with. I don't want anything to do with him at all.

"Hey babe. You sleep well?" Harry asked as I walked into the kitchen

"Yeah I slept thanks for asking." I said winking

"Good. I made you coffee." he said handing me my coffee

"Thanks baby." I took the cup from him and sat on the counter.

Harry walked over to me and stood between my legs. He leaned in and kissed me. I didn't kiss him fully I just kept pecking him on the lips

"You tease. I know I don't like it when you do that." he said smiling

"I know that why I'm doing it." I said still doing it

Valerie's POV

Niall is taking me out somewhere. I'm not sure where at somewhere is but he said to dress nice. I decided to call Katie

"Hey Val!"

"Hey Kat! I need you to come over Niall se taking me somewhere and he told me to dress nice. I need your help."
"Ok I will be right over. Bye!" with that she hung up

Five minutes later she comes up to my room
"Ok let's do this!" she said. I laughed and showed her my closet.

She pulled out a black long sleeve shirt with a leopard pocket, blue jeans, and brown knee high boots. She also pulled out a blue chevron dress that is above my knees with black heels

"Which one?" she asked lying the outfits out on my bed

"Umm I guess the dress."
"Ok go put it on and I will do your hair." she said smiling

I put on the dress and she did my hair and makeup. She curled my hair and put on a little makeup.

"Ok well have fun tonight!" she walked out the door

I walked down the stairs to see Niall in a tux. Oh my god he is hot

"You look amazing." He said grabbing my hand and we walked out the door

I went to a very fancy restaurant and to a table in the back.

We ordered and talked until it was time for dessert. When our dessert got here. Niall got up and stood me up

"Valerie we have been together for almost a year now and I love you very much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Valerie will you marry?" he getting down on one knee

"Yes Niall!" he put the ring on my finger and everyone cheered and clapped. He kissed me and we sat down and ate our dessert.

Tonight was great

A/N: Hey my lovely's! Sorry I haven't updated in awhile but I will ending this book at chapter 40. I might make a squeal you never know! Thanks so reading!(:


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