My Step Brother Harry Styles

This is my first movella!! So this story is about this girl named Katie and she was adopted. Her foster parents has a son and his name is Harry. Katie has a boyfriend named Wade and let's just say Harry is jelous. Like I said this is my first movella so if you dont like it then please dont send me hate. Anyways hope you enjoy.


20. 20

Katie's POV

When Harry opened to door the boys, El, and another girl was waiting.

"What are you guys doing?" I asked confused.

"We are going to the beach with you duhh, Kat!" Louis said

"How did you know we were going?" Harry asked

"I was coming over to ask you guys if you were doing anything today but I heard Katie say lets go to the beach." Eleanor said "So I told the boys and well here we are."

Well this sucks because I really wanted to some time with Harry. Why did I know we weren't going to be alone?

"Is it ok if we come?" El said

"Yea it's fine..." I lied

We walked to the cars and decided who was riding with who. Harry, me, Niall, and his friend rode in Harry's car. Louis, El, Zayn, and Liam rode in Louis' car.

While we were riding to the beach I couldn't stop thinking about why Taylor Swift was at our door. Is Harry still dating her? How did she know where we were staying at?  He knows I don't like her. Maybe I'll ask Harry later.

There has been an awkward silence the whole ride so I had to break it

"Niall whose this?" I asked smiling

"Oh sorry this is Valerie. We met backstage at the concert last night."

"Awesome nice to meet you Valerie." I said smiling at her

"Nice to meet you too." She said smiling back

"We're here." Harry said

Niall and Valerie jumped out of the car ran to put their stuff down and ran to the water.

"Harry can I ask you something?"

"Yea what is it love?"

"Why was Taylor at our door last night?"

"I saw her backstage and she tried to get me to get back with her but I told her no. She wouldn't take no for answer. I have no idea how she found out where we were staying."

"Ok that's all I wanted to know."

We got out put our stuff down next to everyone else and walked to the water with Harry holding my hand.

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry I didn't update any last week but I will try this week. Please comment and let me if I should continue this book or do a 2nd book after chapter 30. Please let me know. Anyways thanks so much for reading!(:


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