The Nerd Theory

"Some Say Jocks go for the quiet girl."

Iris White was no quiet nerd, instead she was a unseen girl. She blended in with the crowd. She was an average teenage girl who was struggling to keep her grades up, had a small group of friends, and was head over heels for the football captain, Jack Peterson. Too bad he was in a relationship with none other than, Cameron Storm. She had prefect brown hair to match with her golden eyes and she was Skinner than every girl in school. Why would he notice a smear in the crowd when he had a star?

One girls night, Iris and her friends watched chick-flicks. That was when Iris noticed the jock always fell for the quiet nerd. That was the night, The Nerd Theory began.


1. The Beginning


"Your reports are due today and I assume everyone did them over the weekend," Mrs. Leon says. Everyone began to pass their papers up, besides me. I had totally forgot to do the homework and Mrs. Leon doesn't believe in second chances. I tried to act as if I had turned in mine, by sitting up straight and passing the papers up.   "Miss. White," Mrs. Leon smiled. She knew I didn't do my homework. She always could read my face. "Did you do your paper last night?"   I instantly felt all eyes on me as the smile on her face began to show her yellow teeth. My face burned up as I began to take deep breathes. Language had always been my least favorite subject due to the fact I hated all of my teachers.   "I-I-I Di-did-" I started, but was interrupted by the class quietly laughing at me. I felt the warmness of my face run to my ears as butterflies flew in my stomach. I wanted to run and cry, but I knew embarrassment was only in the mind. It was your scale of what is embarrassing and what is not.   “This is starting to become a really bad habit, Miss. White,” She said as she crossed her arms. This was the second assignment I haven’t turned in her class in the entire year so far; but when little miss popular, Callie Upton, doesn't do her homework, she doesn't get caught. I really think that the teacher hated me and favored her.   “I understand,” I managed to spit out when I desperately wanted to ask her why Callie got special treatment. Teachers always say that they don’t have a favorite, when they always do.    “One more and you’ll get a week’s worth of detention with me,” She threatened. She gave me that teacher stare, making me sweat. She walks off and collects everyone’s papers. She then began to talk about our next paper, and I was going to get this one in.    After minutes have passed by, I looked at the clock to see how much time we had left. It was a quarter past twelve, which meant I had five more minute before lunch. I heard they were serving pizza, my favorite.    My stomach began to rumble louder than a train passing by. It was even louder than when my parents used to fight. I covered my stomach, hoping no one heard it, but I knew every heard it and just didn’t say anything; just like always.   After I wrote my homework down, the bell rang. I quickly gathered my stuff and rushed into the hall. Lunch had finally arrived and I was going to be the first in line.     “Hey guys,” I greet my friends, Angel, Sammie, Jimmy, and Alec. I sat down across from Alec and next to Angel. It turns out; I was last in line so I almost starved waiting in line.    I shoved my food in my mouth, like there was no tomorrow. For all we know, there might not be a tomorrow. The earth was a crazy thing. Not to mention pollution.   “Dang girl, eat slower. You might get a stomach ache,” Alec whispered. He always did treat me like his little sister.   “No!” I yelled, not getting much attention since the lunch room was loud. “I’m starving!”   “Kids in Africa are starving,” Angel rolled her eyes,” You’re just a pig who needs to eat every second you have.”    “And you’re just a girl wanting to be skinner than Cameron Storm,” I retort, knowing it was completely and utterly true. Angel always wanted to become a popular instead of an unnoticed. It was one of her high school goals.     “And you aren’t?” She smirked as she twirled her perfect, long, wavy blond hair. Her cheekbones were high, making her look flawless.   “No, I’m actually not,” I lied. The truth was, I wanted to but I knew I never could, so I just never tried to. What’s the point when you love food too much to give up? Not to mention exercising was a killer.   “Oh, sure you aren’t!” She rolled her eyes. She always wanted to be little Miss perfect, but she was far from it! Just as I was about to explode, Sammie spoke up.   “Girls,” Sammie said. She was the quiet one. She barely talked and no one has ever heard her yell before. She played with her unnatural red hair as she added, “I think we should just change the topic before anything starts.”   “But it already started!” I cross my arms. I know, I was acting like a stubborn mule, but I couldn’t help it. Everyone treated me like a kid since I was the youngest in my family and in my group of friends.    “Come on guys,” Jimmy said. He was the cute friend and also my best friend. He was nowhere near gay, but he was the boy next door type of guy. He also was the guy Angel was head over heels for, well along with the football captain, Jack Peterson. That was the only reason Angel was friends with me all these years. Now that I think about it, I feel so used.   “Fine,” Angel sighed. I roll my eyes and continued to eat my food. We all sat there, quietly eating, when Angel said,” So Jimmy, are you going to the dance next Friday?”   Oh here we go again.   “Well, I’m actually not,” He answered, quickly sneaking a glance my way. I did not like where this was going. Jimmy and I planned on ditching the dance and going to see Zombie Killers 2. It was a horror film that was rated R. Honestly, I was only seventeen, but I once went to see a rated R horror film when I was eight. And yes, at a theater.   “Why not?” She pouted. He looked my direction, asking me for permission to tell her, with his face expressions. I simply shook my head no.    “I’m going to see a movie with a close friend,” he answered, truthfully. I still had the smallest feeling in my stomach she was going to ask who or find out it was me.   “Who’s your close friend?” She asked as she popped a goldfish in her mouth. My heart began to beat a little fast when she added,” Male? Or female?”   “Well…” He pretended to trail off.    “Is this a date?” She asked. Everyone knew she had a monster crush on him, including him himself. And to be honest, boys usually have a hard time finding that out by themselves.    “No, we’re just friends,” He answered.   “Well then, can I go?” She asked. Ugh. Why couldn't she just find someone else to annoy for a night.    “No,” I answer, shocking Jimmy and Angel. Sammie and Alec just sat there watching the show.   “Excuse me?” She gasps.   “I said no,” I repeat myself,” I've been your friend long enough to know that you hate horror films and the main actress,” I explain. All of that was true, but it wasn’t the reason I didn't want her to go. Possibly because I hated her or maybe because watching zombie movies was something only Jim and I did together.   “So you’re going with her?” She asked. Did she seriously just ask that? I thought I made it pretty obvious that he was.    “Yeah, he is,” I answer for him.   “You know what?” Angel asked,” No one was talking to you in the first place and you’re a fat pig.”   My stomach instantly tightened, and I was no longer hungry. Maybe she was right. I was one of the fattest in our grade, but I weighed one hundred and twenty-eight and stood at 5’8.  I thought that was really skinny, but I guess it wasn’t if I was fatter than almost everyone at my school.   “I’m done eating,” I announce,” I’m going to the library. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” I said before standing up with my tray.    “I’ll come too,” Jimmy said, getting up too.   “Nah man, I can go alone. I have to do my English homework anyway,” I shrug. He sat back down as I walk to the trash.   “Look out!” I heard someone yell. I turn around to see a banana flying at me. Just my luck.

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