Letting Go

Mayson Sean is normal boy. He is a hard worker and gets great grades in school. His family is his first priority, but one day his parents and his younger sister go missing. The only thing that he knows about them going missing is that it was on is birthday. His 17th birthday. That same day a new girl, Karson Ryder. She knows what happened to his family. She is scared for life because of it.


1. the start

My family and I have been so close, all my life. We talk about everything, but one day my parents got all quiet at dinner after a call. It was November 13th when they got the first call. I didn't understand what was going on. Maybe someone in my family died and they didn't want to tell me. These calls kept coming from a restricted number. After a few calls my parents never talked to me anymore. I didn't really understand until I found a note in my locker a few weeks ago.


 "Hey man so about that Chem. worksheet did you understand the last part?" he asked me

I clicked it open looking at him. "The one about yesterdays lab?" 

"Yeah, the one with the different particles. I was so zoned out I didn't really understand what Mr. Wintz was talking about. Did you?" he asked me then looking down at the piece of paper that had just fallen out of my locker.

"Oh yeah I can give you the notes." I said to him sticking my head in my locker. 

"Uh Mayson whats that?" he asked nudging my shoulder. I looked at him then the piece of paper. I bent down and picked it up. It looked all official. My name was written perfectly on it. 

"Uh Dylan I don't really know." I said to him really confused. What was this?

"Well open it!" he exclaimed. 


I just shoved it in my backpack. "I'll open it later, oh and here are the notes." I said handing him the notes and walking away.

As I walked down the hallway. I decided to just skip spanish for today and go to the bathroom and figure out what this was. 

I pushed open the door to the boy's bathroom with force. I was really eager to see what this note was all about. I walked over to the last stall and locked the door. It was the largest stall so I just sat on the ground and reached into my backpack searching for the note. My hands were trembling, I didn't know why I was so nervous.

I opened the perfect crease. I lifted up the top of the letter. I began to read.


Someone will come and ruin everything.

On top of all that you will get hurt.

Please continue reading

In a few days you need to get her out.

As soon as possible.

I didn't really understand what her meant. I looked at the letter for a good 30 minutes trying do figure it out. Aftter about 45 minutes it then hit me. On the side it read S-O-P-H-I-A. That was my sister. What was going on? She is only 9. Who would possibly want to hurt her?

Or so I thought.





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