Telepathic Tom

This is the sequel to Time Tom.
Life has a way of bothering us, we think we’re done but it isn't so, Tom thought his last adventure was his absolute last but after an unfortunate event Tom finds himself once again alongside his old friends, Earth is perfectly normal in fact boring and Tom decides to take it easy and spend time with his friends. But when everyone starts hearing voices in their heads Tom knows something has to be done.

Half this story was written in 2006 then it was left six years before being completed in 2012 - finally it's chapter free A.K.A one continuous piece of writing.


8. "You're worth waiting for, step inside."


    Tom dropped off the Morbus-fractal, rolled along the roof a bit and came to a stop. He was top of a skyscraper close to Downing Street. After descending the fire exit he headed for the cul-de-sac’s famous entrance, no one stopped him or stood in his way, he knocked on the door and waited, the TV cameras were on him and all around the world people where asking,

“Who’s that kid?” The Speaker opened the door and tried to hide the surprise, he managed it and spoke. “What pray, are you, a computer games enthusiast who thinks he’ll come back from the dead?”

“No, Speaker, I’m worse than that.”

“Poppycock, you’re a child, I do not kill children, bad sport.”

“Not many people my age are heroes, I want to prove we can be, you won’t kill children? Won’t finish us? You coward!” Tom saw it as a burst of red light coming out of The Speakers forehead, suddenly it smashed into the dark blue light coming from Tom’s forehead, only Tom and The Speaker could see this happening. The Speaker stopped, straightened his head and gave Tom a small bow (Tom had stopped when he stopped),

“You’re worth waiting for, step inside.” Tom did and the watching world gasped as the big front door slammed shut.


    “Where are we?” sniffed Tom,

“Oh you are good, we’re in another dimension, a copy of the one you should be in, it’s a mini dimension and you’ve probably never seen anything like this before.”

“You’d be surprised.”

“Good grief, you’re no ordinary school boy, no ordinary mensa member. You are not a gifted human, you must be an alien.”

“I am.”

“From one alien to another, hello and have my pity, I mean who’d want to be stuck on this dreary little planet, I’d only want to be here if I was ruling it and making it look exactly how I want it.”

“Well on this planet I’ve met some one in a million people.”

“Indeed, I was informed of this planet by my sponsor.”

“Who sponsors an alien super genius?”

“His name’s not important but he was too busy to invade the planet, he thought it was about time you had one and got in touch with me.”

“What was he too busy doing?”

“Something to do with all-too-real computer games.”

“What happens now?” they sat facing each other over a coffee table,

“Tea or coffee?”

“Tea please.”

“Just as well, due to a glitch coffee can’t exist in this dimension.” Two cups of tea and a plate of biscuits materialised out of nowhere,

“Can I trust the contents?”

“That would be bad sport.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“I’m worried about your brain now, I thought I just said I’m getting paid a very large sum of money.”

“No, the tea and biscuits.”

“I’m a gentleman, thanks to my up-bringing, but let’s not talk about me.”


“Let’s talk about you, what’s your name?”



“Haven’t got one, I keep getting unexplainable reminders that I once saved this world as Time Tom.”

“Is that your name?”

“I prefer Telepathic Tom.”

“You made that up just now.”

“Of course - but how would you know - you can’t read minds.”

“Alas, mind reading is out of my reach, but mind manipulation and mind conversation are at my fingertips.”

“I say we get this over with.”

“As you wish.”


        The Speaker rose and Tom followed him to another table, a table that wasn’t low, The Speaker sat one side Tom on the other. “I’ve been doing this for many years, you could call me a pro.”

“You’ve been doing it for years; I’m new to this, young to this and fresh to this. You know I could actually win this.”

“And there shines through the silly little kid attitude, the foolish child who never checks for danger but just rushes in, you teenagers! Earth bound or space bound, you think you’re indestructible well I can’t wait to prove you wrong.”

‘Please,’ Tom begged his body, ‘Don’t just be a defence mechanism, you know you are so much more.’

“It’s a shame,” said The Speaker, “You remind me of me when I was younger.” The battle began. The Speaker bombarded Tom with the jubilation of his planet ruining life, he showed Tom the death of many alien races and Tom, being slightly alien, found it very difficult to throw back what he did. Tom threw the delights of being on Earth, seeing the imagination and the creativity and the mind-set of man, a mind-set always declaring I will not be beaten, but they were evenly matched. After about five minutes (it’s impossible to put a proper time on it, time doesn’t matter when you telepathizing for your life) though The Speaker began to get the upper hand.

‘Think.’ thought Tom with a tiny un-fighting part of his brain, ‘You’ve got to be missing something about Earth.’ then it came to him, he thought about family, about friends, about togetherness, about needing each other and suddenly he was seeing that kiss with Sarah, the one before his jump onto the Morbus-fractal sorry, Ben, the answer was love. He channelled love and that kiss down the beam of light from his brain and hoped. The Speaker tried to fight back with thoughts of loss and back stabbing and abandonment but it didn’t work. The Speaker was suddenly engulfed in his red thought light, it spread from his forehead without warning, if you or I had been there we’d of now been able to see the red light as well…as angry red flames. Amazingly quickly The Speaker burnt into a pile of ash and Tom fell out of his chair, the chair The Speaker had been sitting on was not fire damaged at all, the table surface was unchanged and there was no smoke in the air and no smoke staining on the ceiling, Tom breathed in, “He didn’t say anything as he went,” he said, “And with a name like his I was expecting something last minute related.” Tom finished this quip…and lapsed into unconsciousness. The shield protecting the house vanished and the special forces rushed in, unbeknownst to them the mini dimension shattered as they entered, people rushed up to Tom’s body and began practiced procedures.


    Tom opened his eyes and looked into his eyes, “A mirror?” he asked confused,

“No, it’s me.” said tom,

“Thank god, he’s alive.” gasped Sarah,

“Yay.” celebrated Ben,

“Welcome back alien.” said Sarah’s Father from the bedroom doorway,

“Good to see you awake.” said D.A.T.R from the digital alarm clock on the bedside table,

“How does he do that?” asked Tom sitting up,

“I know and I’m not even you!” laughed tom.

“What’s going on?” asked Tom,

“You’ve been in a coma for a week,” said Sarah, “The moment The Speaker died D.A.T.R returned to normal, two days after that James Ridge became Prime Minister with nothing – paranormal - to worry about, finally you woke up.”

“What about you guys?”

“I recovered from the fault you kissed me into, (Valentine’s nails dug into the wood of the door frame) tom’s been knocking about with us and Ben can still control his alien transformation powers, Father wanted to experiment on him but I said you wouldn’t want it and you had just saved the planet. Father also wants to cure him but…”

“I don’t allow that either.” finished Tom, tom started,

“There were papers under the seat of The Speaker, undamaged in the fire but then only he was. They were a last will and testament and we have them, apparently he was about to enter into a telepathy battle with a highly skilled young man who’ll go far in the Hyperverse.”

“It’s good to know that in death he has something nice to say.” mused Tom.

“Did you have a telepathy battle?” asked Sarah,

“I can’t remember.” said Tom,

“Say’s someone with a brain powerful enough to bring down a villain.” laughed Ben,

“Can you still do any telepathy tricks?” asked Sarah,

“I don’t know,” said Tom, “I’ll try.” And he closed his eyes and rubbed his temples.

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