Telepathic Tom

This is the sequel to Time Tom.
Life has a way of bothering us, we think we’re done but it isn't so, Tom thought his last adventure was his absolute last but after an unfortunate event Tom finds himself once again alongside his old friends, Earth is perfectly normal in fact boring and Tom decides to take it easy and spend time with his friends. But when everyone starts hearing voices in their heads Tom knows something has to be done.

Half this story was written in 2006 then it was left six years before being completed in 2012 - finally it's chapter free A.K.A one continuous piece of writing.


6. "Yes, but I'm not saying anything."


“Oy, who’s down there!” shouted a voice,

“Ben hide, Sarah go full robot,”

“But Tom, normal people mustn’t know!”

“Do it!”, Tom’s quick eyes scanned everywhere, he ran over to the bookcase pulled out the book Guns Solve Nothing by Diana Namite, opened it and pulled out the pistol within he then returned to Sarah’s side, she was now a female robot of Tom’s height.

    The Security Guard came down the basement steps wielding his pistol, Tom pointed his and both parties saw each other. The guard nearly dropped his gun,

“What on Earth?”

“Not Earth I’m afraid,” grinned Tom, “We’ve never been on Earth, until now.”

“Oh gawd, this is Mr Mortuary’s area not mine.”

“Father.” whispered Sarah to Tom.

“Don’t alert anyone unless you already have.” instructed Tom,

“Wait, I’ve got a gun.”

“So have I, you Earth people are very clever.”

“I’ll use it.”

(whispered) “Sarah, can you disable it?”

“Tom, it’s taken all my power to look like this.”

“I really am going to use this!”

“Well don’t, call Mortuary’s alien squad if you’re going to call anyone, we’ll be carted off and tortured.”

“Look, you’re fascinating, what are you doing here….in the temporary living quarters of one of the prime ministerial candidates?”

“We wanted to introduce ourselves to the new Prime Minister, become part of the family.”

“You’re in James Ridge’s apartment, he didn’t win, Lord Noc did and he’s still out celebrating.”

“You know of Lord Noc?”

“Yes, I’ve been one of the guards here for a while.”

“Do you know anything about Lord Noc?”

“Yes, but I’m not saying anything.”

“How much to you get paid, is this job enough to live on?”

“Not really, why you asking?”

“We can make it worth your while, we can give you some…Barcad.”


“It’s a precious gem stone, very rare, worth millions here on Earth.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Robot, go behind that sofa (Tom pointed) and you will find a lump of Barcad.”


    Sarah went over to the sofa (Tom and the guard still had guns on each other) looked behind then picked up a tangerine-sized lump of orange non-see-through crystal from the folds of a dressing gown,

“Clever him.” she said to herself, she returned and showed the security guard,

“That looks tempting.” said the guard his eyes widening,

“What’s your name guard?”

“Tafe Wattleton.”

“Get the big money, invest in some things, make businesses, sell businesses…you could be Sir or even Lord Tafe Wattleton in five years - now…tell us something surprising and true about Lord Noc and it’s yours.” said Tom, the guard breathed in then spoke,

“Lord Noc moved in two weeks ago whereas James Ridge was here for a lot longer, Lord Noc wanted the public to be told he’d been here for longer than two weeks, he only stayed one night and complained he didn’t like it, I don’t know where he’s been staying but he also requested that the public think he’s staying here. I’m being paid for my silence but what I’m about to receive will change everything.”

“Here you go.” said Sarah and threw the crystal, the guard caught it in his other hand and smiled.

“I’m gonna’ go now and make my fortune.” And saying this he began to walk backwards up the stairs still pointing the gun,

“There’s a security card scanner at the door I trust?” whispered Tom,

“Of course there is we’re in Downing Street.” said Sarah watching the guard,

“What I mean is, is there a computer at the entrance of this house?”

“Oh right.”

“If there was ever a time we needed D.A.T.R it’s now.”

“I have just enough power to send the message.”

“He’s at the top of the stairs.” The guard suddenly bolted and things happened.


    Back at the house D.A.T.R received the message, understood the urgency and worked like lightening. There was a bright flash of light from upstairs and a yell, Tom and Sarah ran up, the security guard was on the floor clutching his eyes and twitching,

“I messed about with the laser scanner, amplified the beam and got him in the face.” smugged D.A.T.R using the voice program that would usally only say things like “access denied” or “Have a nice day”

“Well done Date,” said Tom fishing the crystal from his pocket, “How long will he be twitching?”


“Thanks, Sarah, let’s go.” They ran back up to the sky light and before jumping through Tom transformed Ben,

“What was I?”

“My man, you were a crab with a crystal shell but thanks for remaining still.”

“Can I have a break, this whole transforming thing’s no picnic after a while!”

“Eh…no.” said Tom and pushed him out the skylight with a cry of “Morbus-fractal!”, the pterodactyl like creature returned with a shriek and Tom and Sarah dived out as well aiming for the back, they landed safely and Tom spurred the creature onwards. “Sarah, we must find your Father and inform him how suspicious Lord Noc is.”

“Let’s not seek him out in London, let’s go home and wait.”

“Very well, we’re leaving London anyway, we’re over The Epping Forest, take us home please.” This last bit was to the beast but it didn’t help the situation. The beast gave an almighty shriek and suddenly plunged at the forest, “What are you doing!” yelled Tom,

“We’re dead unless we jump!” yelled Sarah (obviously for the time being she’d forgotten she was robotical and therefore unkillable and Tom was pretty tough as well!),

“What!” replied Tom but Sarah took matters into her own hands. She threw herself at Tom and the two of them became unseated, slipped off and smashed into the upmost branches of an unsuspecting tree. Tom acrobatically swung to the bottom landed and looked skywards, “Come back you moody freak!” Sarah landed hard beside him and stood, her dents somehow disappearing,

“He said he wanted a break.”

“Yes and he nearly broke us, clearly he doesn’t think as Ben when he’s in alien mode, oh I’m gonna’ kill him!”

“Maybe his condition is still worsening.”

“Aha, that means if I say human he’ll fall out the sky.”

“Er, if you hadn’t noticed he’s gone.”

“But he can now hear the word human from a short distance.”

“I’ll warrant he’s a mile away or more, we’re just going to have to find another way home.”

“Your house is ages away from London.”

“I’ll think of something, let’s start walking.” And they were about to when Sarah froze straight.

“What’s the problem?”

“E-mail from D.A.T.R, Father’s found out about the break in.”

“How so?”

“The Security guard got in touch with him. He’s reported to the government - exclueding the PM - that the candidate apartments were broken into by aliens. He’s given the government an altered description and wiped the tapes making out we did it. He hasn’t told the government it’s you but he knows it’s you and he wants your head on a post.”


“He’s says he can’t come home just yet and anyway it doesn’t matter ‘cause we’re probably not there, he finishes wherever you are get back to the house and dearest Sarah incarcerate the one they call Tom.”

“Double brilliant!”

“Let’s get going.”

    They eventually had to steal and hot wire a car, Sarah altered her height and downloaded a program about how to drive and they eventually got back to the house at five o’clock in the morning.

“Has Ben returned D.A.T.R?” asked Sarah as they entered,

“Is he not with you?”

“He got a little angry last night and went off on one.”

“In alien form?”


“This could have repercussions Sarah.”

“D.A.T.R, humans are always talking, he’ll probably hear the word human somewhere obscure, return to human form and understand his unacceptability.”

“Indeed, if all the worlds problems could be solved like that…and you Tom, I hear my master wants to hang you by your own intestines.”

“D.A.T.R now is not the time.”

“Don’t you take that tone with me lower alien, did you not think to wear a disguise when confronting that guard, my hope and belief in you is failing.”

“Do you want to fight me or something?”

“It would be interesting.”

“Well I’m not worried in the slightest, you haven’t got arm’s.” A ceiling panel above Tom rocketed down on an electronic telescopic arm, Tom dodged like lightening,

“This is my house,” stated D.A.T.R base reverberating round the kitchen, “And I will…”

“Oh break it up you two!” shouted Sarah, “Now’s not the time for fighting, (Tom brightened) they’ll never be a time for fighting, we’ve got to find Ben, D.A.T.R, please radar scan the British skies.”

“I’d like to Sarah but I’m receiving a new message, there are several alien space ships above planet earth.” “Really, list the inhabitants.”

“Tenimoybous, Grungeulpf, plixx plaxx, lueb-frig, I could go on because there are more, they are here to collect their respective aliens.”

“That’s fantastic but not all the aliens were promised salvation.”

“Ah yes Sarah but for any not wanted by their own planets there’s an interested party in another ship.”

“An interested party?”

“Yes Tom, a space-billionaire who lives on a private planet has offered sanctuary to any left behind non-Earth beings.”

“What sort of person does that?”

“Freddie Rellortnoc does that, I don’t have much back ground information on him but the master of this house wants those aliens gone anyway.”

“I’ve opened the cells, we better go down and tell them.” said Sarah.

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